The Best Museums In Haryana

Museums in Haryana

Haryana’s museums introduce both domestic and foreign visitors to the historic art, culture, and way of life. These museums house exhibits on tribal art in addition to science, technology, archaeology, and other subjects. These museums also host a variety of events, including art exhibits, the display of recent finds, and educational programs aimed at educating the public about Haryana’s rich cultural heritage and its historical background. By welcoming a big number of individuals, these events provide visitors with valuable knowledge. The below list shows the best museums in Haryana.

The Best Museums In Haryana Are:

1. Sri Krishna Museum in Haryana

The 1987-built Sri Krishna Museum in Kurukshetra, which displays both ancient and contemporary artifacts (Mahabharata or belonging to Lord Krishna), is one of the city’s main attractions.

Sri Krishna Museum in Haryana

Additionally, the Museum houses a few antique items that were collected from Kurukshetra. Even some historical artifacts gathered from various Kurukshetra locations are present.

As soon as you walk inside the museum, the Lord Ganesha statue (in a dancing position) will catch your eye. Then, there are further pieces within the gallery, including some superb bronze castings and wood carvings, some ivory pieces, tiny paintings, and stone sculptures, to mention a few.

2. Panipat Museum in Haryana

The Panipat Museum was established with the primary goal of disseminating knowledge about Haryana-related archaeology, history, and art and crafts. At this museum, visitors may examine the exquisite sculptures, antiques, jewelry, ceramics, arts and crafts, and other priceless items. Additionally, one may view the photographs, drawings, and other records of the legendary fighters who gave their life to defend Panipat against other fighters.

Panipat Museum in Haryana

Additionally, you may see a few of the miniatures taken from “Baburnama and Akbarnama.” This wonderful museum in Panipat houses an enormous collection of traditional artwork and antiques from many Haryana districts.

3. Urusvati Museum of Folklore in Haryana

The Urusvati Museum of Folklore (Gurgaon) is a remarkable museum devoted to Indian folktales that was founded in Shilkopur. The Museum also uses sculptures, paintings, and other artifacts to tell these stories. In addition to showcasing the nation’s fabled love tales, it has musical instruments, costumes, jewelry, and other folk arts and crafts all set against a stunning backdrop.

Urusvati Museum of Folklore in Haryana

This museum, which has more than five acres of considerable open space, is situated in the middle of a jasmine garden with the Aravalli Mountain Ranges serving as its backdrop. This museum is located near Jaipur and is a popular destination for travelers.

4. Museum of Folk and Tribal Art in Haryana

Mr. K.C. Aryan, a well-known art historian, painter, sculptor, and author of 23 academic works, established the Museum of Folk and Tribal Art (Haryana), which houses one of the most diverse collections of Indian folk and tribal art. However, the museum continues to display India’s most priceless folk and tribal artworks.

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art in Haryana

A variety of exquisite handicrafts made of wood, stone, and iron are on display in the Museum of Folk and Tribal Art. This museum also features various religious artworks, embroidered pieces, and other Himachal Pradesh paintings that are on display.

5. Heritage Transport Museum in Haryana

India’s transportation system, which includes automobiles, trains, aircraft, and commercial vehicles, is the focus of the Heritage Transport Museum (Haryana).

Heritage Transport Museum in Haryana

This appears to be a private museum with updated themes based on the interests of the guests.

Depending on the concept that appeals to you, you may either choose a cab on the street or have a look at some other cars.

You will get obsessed with driving these antiquated cars as a result. Children would also love playing with the toys and automobiles (Bollywood) if you bring them along.

6. Dharohar Museum in Haryana

Dharohar Museum in Haryana

Kurukshetra University established the Dharohar Museum (Haryana) on campus during the Golden Jubilee to showcase the state’s architectural and cultural legacy. For the purpose of hosting cultural events, the Museum also has an outdoor theater.

7. Thanesar Archaeological Site in Haryana

According to historical history, the Thanesar historical Site Museum is a well-known location in Kurukshetra, Haryana. The Archaeological Survey of India claims that it is the only museum that brilliantly presents Thanesar’s history. The museum show includes ancient texts, stones, and terracotta sculptures in addition to jewelry, coins, ceremonial artifacts, and much more.

8. Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium in Haryana

Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium in Haryana

The Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium is a memorial planetarium designed for informal scientific and astronomy education. It is located at Jyotisar, Kurukshetra, Haryana. Such instruction sheds insight on Kalpana Chawla’s life. Students learn more effectively as a result of this. This planetarium hosts several educational events to provide valuable knowledge to both instructors and the general public in addition to pupils.

9. Panorama Science Museum in Haryana

This lofty, cylindrical museum offers a view of the epic and showcases its exquisite architecture (live battle of Kurukshetra).

Panorama Science Museum in Haryana

The 34-foot-tall murals of the 18 episodes—which depict the conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas as it appears to the naked eye—can be seen when you stand in the center of the cylindrical hall. Outside the museum building, visitors may observe a Science Park and sceneries from the conflict with illusionistic lighting.

10. Tunnel Museum in Haryana

The 20-meter tunnel museum in Haryana offers its visitors a glimpse of both optimism and terror. Pictures cover the walls of the home hit by shells. A 20-minute film entry here shows footage of the City and the experience of living in a tunnel during World War II, where the tunnel is hidden.

Thus, you must visit the museums in Haryana.

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