National Parks In Haryana

National Parks in Haryana

What a park May offer to you might be equivalent to rejuvenation therapy! Thus, National Parks in Haryana are a must visit. If one park is well-known for its fountains, another may be well-known for its bird migration, and others may be well-known for the introduction of new animal species. Additionally, several parks are well-known for their cultivation of medicinal trees. Even some parks, which include research facilities, are open for visits.

The Best National Parks In Haryana Are As Follows:

1. Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

A birdwatcher’s paradise is Sultanpur National Park in Haryana, together with the Bird Sanctuary. A grassy land’s abundance of aquatic plants and animals draws a wide range of resident and migratory birds, and the land’s groundwater will eventually dry up owing to insufficient monsoons. But in the winter, the lake will have an adequate amount of water and attract a variety of migrating species. This is one of the best national parks in Haryana.

2. Kalesar National Park in Haryana

Kalesar National Park in Haryana

Visitors may enjoy an amazing view of 11,000 acres of Sal Forests at the massive Kalesar National Park in Haryana. There is a perilous service ladder hanging below, yet it is worthwhile for a visitor to move to this top spot in the park. The presence of a man-made or natural watering hole draws wildlife to the area in order to relieve their thirst. The Forest Department, which oversees Kalesar National Park, arranges for tourists to get up close and personal with the animals.

3. Jindal National Park in Haryana

Jindal National Park in Haryana

The primary draw of Jindal Park, located in Kurukshetra, Haryana, is its garden of memories. Where a magnificent 4-foot-tall Torso bust honors the park’s founder. This park offers a variety of experiences to visitors of all ages. Additionally, “O P Jindal Park” provides a place where people can discover their inner selves in a calm environment and enjoy inner peace. Visitors to this park may enjoy great entertainment and scenic beauty in addition to the pleasant atmosphere.

4. Leisure Valley National Park in Haryana

The centerpiece of Haryana’s 25-acre Leisure Valley Park appears to be the melodic fountain that transforms the region into a crystallized nightscape.

Leisure Valley National Park in Haryana

This park also has a fountain that glistens at night and provides an amazing “Panaromic View.” Here, the water shoots out in a variety of designs and dances to the music. Numerous people come here to take in the breathtaking scenery of Leisure Valley Park.

5. Chaudhary Devi Lal Nature Park in Haryana

Chaudhary Devi Lal Nature Park in Haryana

Located next to Chuharpur hamlet, the Chaudhary Devi Lal Nature Park in Haryana is well-known as a research center. This park has a large number of uncommon trees, including teak, shisham, simbal, and khair. The Research Center, situated within the Shivalik mountainous zone, hosts a plethora of thriving medicinal plants. You can observe the therapeutic herbal trees planted alongside other plants and see the park’s expansion into a herbal garden with more than 200 medical plant species. The park is large enough to offer excellent walking and sitting areas for visitors, and name plates hung throughout provide descriptions and information on the functions of the many plants. The readers gain valuable knowledge from this.

6. Mughal and Yadavindra Gardens in Haryana

Yadavindra Garden in Haryana

The Pinjore district of Haryana contains some stunning gardens, one of which is the Mughal Gardens. The views of this garden transport one to the prehistoric Aryan era. Around the 17th century A.D., there are the remains of the Bhima Devi temple and historic baths. During this same era, Fidai Khan constructed the Mughal Gardens, where you can see palaces like the Rang Mahal, Shish Mahal, and Jal Mahal.

7. Cactus Garden in Haryana

Your journey to Haryana would not be complete if you skip Cactus Garden. Which is reputed to be the largest garden in Asia. This Cactus Garden, which is located in Panchkula, Haryana, is home to a significant number of endangered species—roughly 3,500 species and up. Every year in the month of March, cactus lovers and botanists alike will make the trek to this unusual garden.

Cactus Garden in Haryana

In addition to the 160 additional species that are found outside in a very natural setting. This cactus garden has 272 species connected to the genus Mammillaria. In addition to these, Aloe Speciosa has several other amazing plants, Aloe Ferox, and a wide variety of varieties. Generally speaking, the Garden’s enormous collection of various cactus plant species arouses students’ curiosity as they learn about them.

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Things To Do In Haryana

Apart from visiting the national parks in Haryana. There are plenty of things to do. You may go to the state’s beaches, lakes, hill stations, and other beautiful locations if you visit.

Things to do in Haryana

With its historic buildings and monuments, including gurudwaras, churches, mosques, forts, temples, museums, and palaces, Haryana is a state with a rich and fascinating past. A few historically significant artifacts have been discovered at the state’s archeological sites.

Some of the things you can do in Haryana are listed below:

1. Heritage Walk in Haryana

In Haryana, you may take a history walk that includes stops at palaces, forts, and museums. Different themes are found in every museum. If some museums include scientific equipment, others could feature musical instruments, yet others might feature artwork and antiques. Conversely, hardly many museums emphasize local and spiritual issues.

When visiting the palaces, visitors are able to stroll through the gardens and explore the various architectural styles found inside the corridors. Additionally, you are able to enter the forts to learn about the historical battles fought here, including how the rulers used them as hiding places, among other things. You may even visit the tombs and monuments to take in the magnificent architecture honoring the former monarchs.

2. Nature Walk in Haryana

The “hill stations in Haryana” that are part of the Nature Walk are characterized as having mild climates, lush forests, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, and other natural features.

You may even relocate to one of national parks in Haryana to discover a variety of animal and bird species, providing you with a memorable experience. These parks provide ideal locations for family picnics.

In addition to this, guests may take advantage of additional adventurous activities like opulent boat rides and trekking. In Haryana, there are essentially two well-known hill stations: Dhosi Hill and Sohna. The Haryana town of Narnaul is home to Dhosi Hill, which gained notoriety when Sage Chavan (Rishi Chavan) conducted penance there. This location is close to other attractions like Shiva Kund and Chavan Shrine.

The panoramic vista of Sohna Hill Station is breathtaking, offering a tranquil and enchanting natural beauty. It was named ‘Sohna’ because of the golden dust it released. and it offers an amazing perspective of the Aravali range, especially at night.

Shopping in Haryana

The finest thing to do in Haryana is shop. Juttis, or embroidered shoes, are available for purchase. Another option is the “phulkari,” or embroidered Salwar Kameez, which is a type of long tunic worn over loose pajamas. Street markets are the best place to get bedspreads and cushion coverings since they provide these bedding items at reasonable prices. Woolen clothing and rugs, popularly known as dhurries, are also available for purchase. With so many shopping centers spread out around the state. Haryana has become overly modernized, making it simple for both domestic and foreign tourists to make all of their purchases in one location.

Thus, check out these National Parks in Haryana and explore what other activities you can indulge into!

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