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Kartam Bhugtam

Story of Hindi Movie Kartam Bhugtam

After meeting a well-known astrologer, NRI Dev Joshi (Shreyas Talpade) decides to combine his dead father’s possessions and money.

Review of Kartam Bhugtam

As one thing disappears, so does it come back. That is the most fundamental law of life, and most people follow it out of fear, which is usually the case. The proverb that goes, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” describes our karma and offers us advice on how to handle different obstacles in life. Writer-director Soham P. Shah crafts a realistic story about a man whose life takes a dramatic change after he meets Anna (Vijay Raaz), a respected astrologer whose forecasts are bang on, based on this straightforward yet powerful notion of life. Resonating with vedic chants, Anna predicts the future of troubled people searching for answers while sitting cross-legged in his opulent villa’s large dark room.

He explains to them what will actually happen to them and their family members. These people are desperate and will do anything to avoid the impending disaster in their lives, so he also offers them straightforward answers. Dev, who doesn’t believe in superstitions, brushes off Anna’s warning that it won’t be easy for him to leave India. He wants to cash out and sell his ancestral properties in order to return to New Zealand and begin a new life free from the effects of Covid. Dev aspires to launch his own business and realise his father’s ambition. However, fate has other ideas, and Anna’s observations are accurate—Dev encounters obstacles in his quest every time.

This psychological thriller, which is well-written, keeps the audience interested with a steady stream of surprising turns in Dev’s life. The incidents are common and domestic. the kinds of circumstances we frequently encounter while interacting with banks, lenders, local government agencies, and property owners. Shah effectively conveys the spirit of the small Indian village, with its practical issues and leisurely pace of life. The narrative is mostly supported by two exceptionally talented actors, Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade, who both give powerful performances. Madhoo plays a convincing role as Anna’s submissive housewife and a godly South Indian teacher. Her role might have had greater impact if it had been written with a bit more nuance. As Jiya, Dev’s girlfriend, Aksha Pardasany provides helpful backing.

“Kartam Bhugram” moves at a steady pace and doesn’t include any extraneous songs or embellishments. Thankfully, the movie avoids overly dramatic or startling theatrics, even though the loud background music should have been toned down a little. It can make its point in an easy-to-understand manner. Actually, it can be a little too simple at times. That being said, the story’s value lies in its unwavering focus on illustrating how, no matter how far you flee, Karma will always find you.


Overall, “Kartam Bhugtam” is a gripping slice-of-life thriller that stays true to its essence while conveying a powerful message.

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