95.4% Embrace Sustainability in Skincare Routine, Reveals Survey by Earthraga

Key Highlights

  • 47% of the people are willing to pay extra for products that have sustainable ingredients

  • 59.6% of the respondents believe that organic and natural ingredients make skincare products clean or free from harmful ingredients

  • 40.6% of the respondents target acne to address with organic skincare

  • 84.6% highly feel that eco-friendly practices in skincare are important

Earthraga, a direct-to-consumer brand specializing in natural and organic skincare products, has unveiled the outcomes of a survey shedding light on the perceptions and awareness of the consumers views on sustainability in the skincare and personal care industry. With 95.4% of respondents affirming that sustainable products are a part of their skincare routine.

Mr. Ganesh Kamath, Co-founder, Earthraga

Moreover, a majority of participants (84.6%) rate the importance of eco-friendly practices in skincare highly, signaling a clear shift towards environmentally conscious choices. This aligns with the overarching theme of sustainability in skincare routines, emphasizing that consumers are increasingly prioritizing products that align with their values.

Interestingly, the survey also discovers that 47% of participants are willing to pay extra for skincare products with sustainable ingredients, showcasing a consumers willingness to invest in eco-friendly options. This willingness to pay a premium underscores the perceived value that consumers place on sustainability in skincare. Meanwhile, on the spending front, 36.5% of participants opt for budget-friendly skincare options, shedding light on diverse consumer spending habits. This diversity underscores the need for skincare brands to offer a range of products that cater to various budget preferences.

According to 59.6% of respondents, skincare products are considered clean or free of harmful ingredients when they contain organic and natural ingredients. This resounding majority highlights a widespread consumer preference for natural goods and highlights the inherent confidence that consumers place in organic ingredients for skincare. This point of view resonates because it shows how the industry is seeing a rise in demand for formulations that emphasize healthy, nature-based ingredients. This is due to changing customer preferences for clean, nature-inspired skincare products.

Additionally, over half of the respondents (50.1%) prioritize cruelty-free skincare choices, with 49.2% emphasizing the importance of official labels in their decision-making process and 44% USDA Organic certification as the preferred certification for organic skincare products. A notable 40.6% of participants revealed that their primary focus when using organic skincare is to tackle acne-related concerns.

Sharing his thoughts on the findings, Mr. Ganesh Kamath, Co-founder, Earthraga said, “Survey unveils profound insights into the ever-evolving landscape of skincare preferences. These findings strengthen our dedication to natural and organic skincare, echoing our mission to deliver pure, nature-inspired solutions. As we strive to lead in sustainability, the resonance of positive recommendations and trust in certifications like USDA Organic inspire our innovative pursuits tailored to our valued consumers diverse needs. We affirm our dedication to providing high-quality, sustainable options in line with evolving preferences.”

Methodology: The survey garnered insights from a diverse pool of 1000 participants across India, encompassing both men and women of varying ages. This indicates a cross-generational preference and perception regarding sustainability in the skincare and personal care industry. The survey delves into consumer criteria for harm-free skincare, providing insights into what individuals consider when defining ‘clean’ skincare.

About Earthraga

Earthraga is a skincare brand that seamlessly blends ancient skincare wisdom with modern aesthetics, offering customers a skincare experience that is both effective and pleasurable.Earthraga was established in February 2023 by Ganesh Kamath, a visionary advocate turned entrepreneur with a D2C passion, and Raj Kumar Singhal, an early investor. Earthraga, a business enterprise dеdicatеd to “Clеan, Safe & Cruelty-Free Bеauty,” forgoes dangerous ingrеdiеnts inclusive of Sulphatеs, Siliconеs, and Parabеns.The brand carefully monitors product dеvеlopmеnt to guarantee plеasant and purity. Cеrtifications from Earthraga attеst to thеir determination.

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