App-Based Recruitment Company OnTime Job Launches in India

OnTime Job, country’s first app-based online recruitment company launches its operation in India. During this unprecedented time to help freshers and recruiters, OnTime Job is organizing an event to facilitate potential freshers for the class of 2020. The recruitment company is collaborating with leading Youtube channels to organize a live recruitment drive for freshers. This is the first of its kind online recruitment drive in India which will happen through a live broadcast on 18th July, 2020. The event will be completely online and exclusively for freshers. You can find more details and register for the drive at

Indias First Online Recruitment Drive

On the occasion, Chirag Agrawal, Assistant Vice President-Strategy, OnTime Job, said that, “OnTime Job is built upon the idea that ‘Every resume is a human being, and every job listing is a manager looking to build a great team‘. I believe that a candidate should not be judged by a resume and a company should not be judged by a website. Our team encourages recruiters and candidates to talk and decide whether they want to take things forward or not and during this pandemic this is the best tactic for the industry to revive the current job condition.”

Key Highlights

  • India’s first live recruitment drive

  • More than 100 companies onboard

  • Recruiters hire within 24 hours

  • 100% Verified companies

  • 100% free for job seeker & recruiter

  • Launching the OnTime Job application in India

The app-based company has onboarded 100+ companies to participate in this drive such as Quickride, Toppr, Extramarks, MSS Payments, Docquity, Genuinemark, Urbanpiper, and more wherein students will directly interact with the recruiters and also have a chance to get hired within 24 hours. Around 8000 to 15000 students will be the part of this drive where participants are from IIT Dharavad, NIT Karnataka and other colleges. During this hard-hitting state, the company helps to find job 100% free of cost for fresh graduates and those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Chirag Aggarwal, AVP Strategy, OnTime Job

Talking about the industry, Chirag said, “In the next 20 years, India will see unparalleled economic growth. This will be majorly driven by a booming start-up ecosystem in the country. The number of start-ups in India has grown 7 times in the last decade to reach 50,000, in the coming decade this number is further projected to grow to 400,000. These start-ups will ‘need’ to find the best talents to build dependable teams and OnTime Job will help these companies in solving their hiring problems.”

The inspiration behind the OnTime Job is the inefficiencies of existing hiring platforms which are website and social website based, like Naukri and LinkedIn. Acting as an instant messenger, OnTime Job wants to build the next evolution in the market. It is a chat first hiring recruitment platform like WhatsApp where recruiters and job seekers can directly connect through their application.

The 10 million company has features like Chat first interface, Video interview, Strict Verification Process and, Artificial Intelligence Powered algorithms to efficiently match job seekers and recruiters based on their preferences and behaviour. With the vision to become the number one job platform for start-ups, OnTime Job will help 100,000 people to get a job this year though they have already helped 100,000 recruiters and job seekers to connect till date.

About OnTime Job

OnTime Job was started with one singular mission, to bring the recruiters and the job seekers closer. Every resume is a human being, every job listing is a manager looking to build a great team. The company is built upon this idea and saw a gap in the country. Therefore, the application wants both sides to communicate more and equally with each other so that they can make better decisions. It is a platform for professionals to hire professionals. It is their core idea is to make people connect directly to the person who knows your work better and make your job hunt and hiring fast and more accurate. OnTime Job will be India’s fastest growing recruiters and job seekers choice for finding the best candidate and most desirable job. The app provides a platform to find full-time, part-time and freelance work most efficiently and effectively.

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