Best Agrolife Clinches Prestigious “Most Innovative Campaign and Product Development” Award at PMFAI SML Agchem Awards 2024

Best Agrolife Limited (BAL), a prominent leader in the agricultural solutions sector, has proudly secured the prestigious “Most Innovative Campaign and Product Development” Award at the PMFAI SML Agchem Awards 2024, hosted by the esteemed Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI). This accolade underscores BALs pioneering strides in the industry, recognized for its groundbreaking contributions.

Best Agrolife wins Most Innovative Campaign and Product Development Award

BAL is steadily solidifying its position as a leading innovator in the Indian Agrochemical Sector. Central to BAL’s success are its trailblazing innovations, which have reshaped crop protection and management methodologies. Building upon the success of groundbreaking innovations such as Ronfen and Tricolor, which have revolutionized agriculture in India, BALs forthcoming launch, Warden Extra, slated for April 2024, further enriches the companys legacy of advancements. Notably, Orisulam, BAL’s forthcoming patented herbicide, epitomizes the companys steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries of agricultural solutions.

Moreover, the company has recently unveiled a patented breakthrough synergistic herbicidal composition. This innovative composition, featuring Haloxyfop, Imazethapyr, and Butylated Hydroxy, is anticipated to transform soybean cultivation by offering a comprehensive solution for weed control. Marketed under the brand name Shot Down, this product is poised to make significant strides in the agricultural landscape.

With a robust pipeline of upcoming patent molecules, Best AgroLife Ltd remains at the forefront of agricultural innovation, primed for sustained success.

Mr. Vimal Kumar, MD BAL, remarked, “This accolade underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and our mission to empower farmers with advanced agricultural solutions. We are deeply honored to be recognized for our contributions to the industry and remain steadfast in our endeavor to drive positive transformation in agriculture.”

Tricolor, a revolutionary formulation incorporating Trifloxystrobin, Difenoconazole, and Sulfur, emerges as a versatile solution for combatting various fungal diseases, tailored for crops like tomatoes, offering comprehensive protection and ensuring optimal yields for farmers.

Ronfen, another flagship product by Best Agrolife, blends Pyriproxifen, Dinotefuran, and Diafenthiuron to effectively control a broad spectrum of sucking pests such as whitefly, jassids, thrips, and aphids in brinjal, tomato, and cotton crops. Its innovative composition has garnered acclaim for its efficacy and reliability in pest management.

Additionally, Best Agrolifes commitment to innovation is exemplified by its recently patented products, Warden Extra and Shot Down. Warden Extra, featuring a unique blend of Trifloxystrobin, Thiamethoxam, and Thiophanate Methyl, promises to revolutionize Indian agriculture by offering superior protection against diseases and pests. Similarly, Shot Down, an innovative synergistic herbicidal composition, is poised to make a significant impact with its patent-protected formulation designed to effectively tackle weeds.

With a steadfast focus on research and development, Best Agrolife continues to push the boundaries of agricultural innovation, delivering solutions that empower farmers to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

About Best Agrolife Limited

Best Agrolife Limited ranks among the top 15 agrochemical companies in India. It is a research-driven entity dedicated to providing world-class and cost-effective crop solutions in the form of novel agrochemical formulations to the agricultural industry, aimed at enhancing crop productivity. Presently, BAL boasts manufacturing capacities of 7,000 MTPA for technicals and 30,000 MTPA for formulations across three manufacturing plants situated in Gajraula, Greater Noida, and Jammu & Kashmir. With a network of over 5200 distributors across India, BAL maintains an impressive portfolio of 450+ formulations and holds over 115 technical manufacturing licenses.

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