Corporate Executive Follows his Passion to Build a Thriving Music Career

From working as a senior executive in global organizations like IBM and Accenture, to touring and performing across multiple countries and a plethora of cities, Ravi Viswathmula has successfully got back on track in fulfilling his passion. The runner up of Sony Multimedias Super Voice of India 2020, Ravi has set forth on a musical journey after spending years chasing the corporate life. A music enthusiast, since years, he has won several accolades and competitions both in India and abroad.

Mr. Ravi Viswathmula (left), along with veteran Indian Musician, Mr. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (right)

Music has been a passion of mine since childhood and it has always been a key element in helping me balance my personal and professional life. For a brief period in my life, I could not focus on music because of my professional commitments, but I am glad that I have finally rekindled my love for music. Despite my busy work schedule, currently working for IBM in Singapore, I find time to practice and conduct gigs. I am fortunate to have amazing support from my family, friends, and colleagues. All the love and feedback received after my performances and videos drive me to do better and continue achieving my goals,” said Mr. Viswathmula.

Further speaking about his love for music, he said, “An experience that motivated me the most was performing before Sri S. P. Balasubrahmanyam sir. His appreciation and advice after my performance will forever be a highlight in my life. Even though I do ponder about missed opportunities, I am glad to be doing what I love. Traveling all over the world, thanks to my job, I have realised that music has no boundaries. This has been a major factor that has allowed me to relish and create music in different languages.”

Though the pandemic has disrupted our lives, it has revolutionized the music industry. The increased emphasis on digital platforms has opened up opportunities for musicians like me. I hope to continue sharing my music and create a better impact through my contributions.”

Ravi, a multilingual and versatile musician, gained fame through his covers and songs posted on Smule and Facebook. His mesmerizing voice is his strength. Fresh off successful performances in Singapore and India, the Chennai born executive is currently working towards creating more music while balancing his corporate life. With thousands of avid listeners, fans and followers, the musician has become an inspiration for people to believe that it is never too late to follow ones passion.

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