Enigma Automobiles Shatters Boundaries with a Decade-Long Lithium Battery Warranty

Enigma Automobiles Private Limited, a pioneering force in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, is making history with an industry-redefining warranty program for its lithium batteries, setting a new gold standard for reliability and customer assurance.

Enigma Scooters are best known for their technological prowess and the longevity of their batteries

In an unprecedented move, Enigma introduced a groundbreaking warranty of 1,25,000 KM or 10 years on lithium batteries. This bold commitment underscores their unwavering confidence in the resilience and longevity of their batteries. Notably, this warranty is applicable across diverse lithium battery ranges, representing a substantial leap in the EV industry.

Beyond the exceptional warranty, the proprietary ENIGMA ONN app elevates user experience by offering advanced monitoring and control capabilities. The apps features include temperature and vibration sensing, remote locking, live tracking, geo-fencing and many more features. Its not just an app; its a gateway to a new era of EV ownership.

Co-founder and CEO, Anmol Bohhre, expressed profound excitement at the culmination of an extensive development process, stating, “Its amazing to witness the tangible results of our dedicated efforts in battery innovation. We are thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge battery solution not only delivers exceptional performance but also incorporates an AI-enabled warranty Optimizer.”

Mr Anmol Bohhre, CEO and Co-founder of Enigma at the Auto Expo 2022

The bedrock of an unparalleled warranty lies in Enigma’s technological prowess. Over the last three years, Enigma has invested in crafting its software and technology to finely regulate the electric current sent to the motor and controller. This precision technology significantly contributes to the overall efficiency and durability of lithium batteries.

In response to industry challenges posed by unreliable battery suppliers, Enigma took a proactive stance. Rigorous research, identification of high-quality cells and Battery Management Systems (BMS), integration of SMART BMS with active balancing, and the creation of proprietary IOT solutions ensued. Thorough testing validated the birth of a reliable, research-backed product.

In a move to further enhance customer benefits, Enigma has partnered with a premier insurance company. This collaboration enables them to provide accidental insurance of INR 1,00,000 for all buyers. Additionally, customers will enjoy unlimited tele-consultations with doctors and up to a 20% discount on medical and lab tests.

Enigmas commitment goes beyond innovation; its a testament to their dedication to a sustainable and reliable EV future.

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