GuruQ App Offers Professionals to Learn Foreign Languages Online from Highly Qualified Tutors

For most companies with digital service offerings, the disruption in conducting business, as usual, has revealed unexpected benefits. Though the ongoing outbreak has provisionally put an end to our busy professional lives, it has given the most opportune moment for professionals working from home to pick up new skills. Learning new skills is one of the best ways to boost a career and utilize the time in hand productively. Since communication is key in an increasingly connected world, learning a foreign language has phenomenal advantages empowering individuals to converse with global clients in their native language.


GuruQ is a homegrown digital learning and mentoring platform that connect students with teachers across a wide range of subjects and also offers a comprehensive list of foreign language courses that business and working professionals can benefit from. GuruQ provides a significant edge over its offline counterparts and other EdTech companies with similar service offerings. It is learner-centric, allowing a tutor – who could be based in any corner of the country, – to tailor classes as per the learner’s pace, without the pressure of leaving anyone behind. Alongside the mentee’s unique learning needs, GuruQ also keeps convenience and budget on its list of priorities. This means that professionals can take lessons from a single tutor in a group which would substantially reduce the per capita cost. Armed with a new foreign language, several professionals will be eligible for opportunities in diversified roles that have hitherto been out of reach. Because the post-pandemic business landscape is expected to forge several associations among multinational conglomerates and market leaders, the demand for multilingual professionals is expected to have a steep growth trajectory.

The best time for working professionals to learn a foreign language with customized study plans is now

  • EdTech company GuruQ offers a digital learning platform to receive real-time coaching in foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese and even a global language like English

  • The platform offers flexible and customized learning modules as per the needs of the learner

  • Since most professionals are now practicing remote working schedules, they have more time in their hands now to upskill themselves with a new foreign language

With the current coronavirus outbreak, GuruQ has seen a big influx of registrations and inquiries, with thousands of tutors and students joining the platform. More than 900 students have enrolled in foreign language programs such as French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, and Russian, only in the last few months. The surge in the number of professionals is attributed to the increased time that they have during the lockdown and the number is expected to grow steadily during the rest of the year as well. If professionals are equipped to speak to their international clients and colleagues in their native language, the need for a human translator or even high reliance on a mobile application translation functionality will be greatly reduced. The probability of interactions getting lost in translation due to the intervention of third-party translators will be considerably low. This will not just save costs but will also establish lasting business relationships.

It is universally accepted that learning a foreign language is no easy feat and needs rigorous and routine learning practices yet the benefits are well worth the toil,” believes Minal Anand, Founder, and CEO of GuruQ. Also, times like this has made it difficult to take language training from traditional institutes due to the severe risk of contamination and lack of personalized coaching methods. The growth of online tutoring platforms like GuruQ provides the most suitable alternative for professionals to never stop learning. And since GuruQ provides one-on-one engagement with a teacher and does not use pre-recorded video lessons as its coaching method, it has emerged as the most effective platform to learn a new language and mimic the classroom experience.

What is worthwhile to note is that this one-of-a-kind online mentoring platform does not wish to overthrow the existing coaching ecosystem of our country that involves receiving live mentorship from a tutor that individuals emphasize and rely on greatly. It has provided learners with an alternative to maintain the same level of classroom engagement in the online mode while adding value by recalibrating the teaching methods as per the students’ unique needs. Since learning a foreign language is an exasperating activity, this unique value proposition makes GuruQ stand apart from its peers.

Minal points out that she has seen maximum interest among professionals to improve English language skills as it is the most used international language for business communication. Professionals are utilizing the time in hand to enhance their grasp over verbal and written English.

The language teaching experts are selected after careful evaluation of their knowledge and expertise. It is imperative for GuruQ tutors to undergo a very rigorous vetting process before they are onboarded. The students are given the flexibility to select the right tutors based on various parameters such as subject matter expertise, budget, tutor rating, and feedback reviews. Its recently launched mobile application has proved to be a game-changing addition to its platform as both students and teachers can now find GuruQ very easily through the app and can schedule classes on-the-go. Its push notification feature reminds both students and teachers in their upcoming classes. Using all these features ensures ease of use and a seamless learning experience which is beneficial for working professionals who are keen on upskilling themselves with hopes of getting favorable results in the workplace.

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