Netrack Introduces Seismic Rack Cabinet to Protect IT Equipment from Earthquake

When a company plans to set up an IT room, there is a considerable investment they consider for purchasing the right equipment as per their need, server rack cabinets being one among the most important. A single server rack can house a piece of equipment worth thousands of dollars. System administrators need to be sure that the purchased rack will be able to handle any hardship, sudden force, vibration, or a physical threat that the surrounding environment might bring to the equipment. For instance, an earthquake is an uncalled-for event that’s inevitable; and an earthquake-proof server rack is the right solution for the same.

Netrack NRSs seismic – PR

No matter wherever a company may be located, it would want the server and other telecommunication equipment to be operational at all times. To reduce the risk involved and minimize equipment damage, an IT rack needs to have proper seismic protection.

Earthquakes are a significant concern for the IT industry not only because they cause damage to the equipment but also because they eventually affect the overall operations. The aim of any IT setup is to provide compute power and uptime. Compute power can be achieved by purchasing the right hardware to an extent, but the certainty of uptime needs better infrastructure.

The rating of a seismic rack is done based on the amount of protection it provides from the shocks in the event of an earthquake. Seismic rack standards are often specified in terms of the earthquake risk zones they are made to withstand. These zones vary from 0 to 5, with zero denoting no substantial risk, while three and above denoting medium to very high risk. A seismic rack is manufactured pertaining to the requirements for physical protection for each of these zones.

The benefits of a seismic rack include its physical properties and construction. It has an enhanced base and robust anchoring hardware to hold the rack in place and well protected, like the NRSs series from Netrack India. Made for high-density application in IT industry, and for IT rooms located in medium and high-risk seismic zones, this product offers four distinctive bracing option like High Tension Bracing Bolt, Anti vibration Mount Pads, Ultra Rigid Bracing frame & Top bracing to be able to mount the rack on True floor or the raised floor based on its type for the highest level of protection. Product also tackles the Airflow management issues with the accessories like Blanking Panel, Air Seal Kit & Brush module for efficiency to ensure effective airflow management within the cabinet specifically for the Data-Center industry.

Other features of the NRSs series that make it the best-in-class seismic rack to use:

  • UL certified

  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent ISO/EN/EIA standards

  • Adjustable mounting depth

  • Universal 25mm pitch holes for ETSI Standard racks

  • Grounding and Bonding options

  • 2 or 4 Fan module mount provision on Top cover

Considered as one of the top-quality seismic server racks, they undergo workshop operations such as punching and forming, followed by intense quality testing to have them adhere to the best displacement distribution required for protection from earthquakes.

When it comes to investing in something that can save a businesss purpose, it is crucial to have the product checked for quality and durability. A seismic server rack is the best solution for data centers in earthquake-prone regions.

About Netrack

Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers of network enclosures worldwide. The company offers active network components to meet the demands of the modern-day office spaces. Their product range includes Server & Networking Racks, Wall Mount Racks, Acoustic racks, Seismic Racks, Lab Racks & Furniture, and Customized racks.

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