Sunny Group to Launch its B2B Online Platform GINIO Wholesale

After leading the home care products segment for the past 40 years, Sunny Home Care is diversifying itself into IT, Education, and Hospitality sector. Izysk Solutions, a recently formed entity under the leadership of Mr. Bhushan Pandey, is ready to take the digital leap with GINIO wholesale which is one of its kind B2B online platforms dedicated for daily essentials. The platform will aim at helping retailers with quality products and optimum services at the best price.

Mr. Bhushan Pandey, Founder of GINIO Wholesale

Sunny Group has always been committed to providing consumers with products that meet all parameters in terms of quality and ensuring safety and hygiene throughout the entire process. GINIO Wholesale, which is set to launch in September 2020, will take all necessary precautions and measures to maintain sanitation and optimum quality of the products. A successful venture is impossible without a talented and hardworking workforce to walk along and thus, the HR department of Sunny Group has been occupied even during this time of crisis – through the lockdown – to recruit manpower that can support the venture.

Mr. Bhushan Pandey, Founder of GINIO Wholesale

With this new venture of GINIO Wholesale, they aim to create an array of opportunities for potential employees. With the pandemic slowing everything down, it has become all the way more essential for people to start participating and moving ahead with things. With GINIO Wholesale, they aim to grow an entire task force that will contribute to further progress. They believe that every challenge must be looked at as an opportunity.

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) caused a huge slump across industries due to the nationwide lockdown. Most corporates have trimmed their staff down or announced furloughs. People have lost their jobs, and a few are affected by illnesses, and this, while having to be indoors all the time had started to affect people emotionally and mentally to a large extent. This B2B online business segment meanwhile is getting equipped for a brighter future. They are preparing to grow by bringing in the right resources to work alongside the existing team. Their approach on hiring resources is very modern and thoughtful, and they have been receiving a lot of applications for Sales, HR, Marketing, Logistics, and more since they have posted the news of the hiring on digital platforms.

When asked why they are hiring at times when corporates are trying to cut on every expense, the Founder of GINIO Wholesale, Mr. Bhushan Pandey said, “Currently, in midst of this crisis, there is a huge amount of supply of efficient resources. We want to get the right people on board so we make the best of this time and grow.” He also added, “I believe growth does not come by chance. It is an amalgamation of the right forces working together in the right direction at the right time.”

A Brand Marketing employee who was recently hired by the company said, “I lost my job after one month into the lockdown and I was undergoing a rough patch of depression – caused due to stress of having to make ends meet for myself and my family. Even while the country is under lockdown, there are continuous expenses such as personal loans, house rent, monthly EMIs, and other essentials. The sudden news of termination from my job just left me in a grieving state of mind, and I was clueless about what to do next. A week or so later, I got to know that GINIO Wholesale is hiring. I applied for the job and received a call in a few days. The amount of relief I have felt is unimaginable. I received an offer letter, a joining date, and I am happily working from home with GINIO Wholesale now while getting my salary on a timely basis. Now, everything seems possible.

Several people working across varied industries that are currently fully stagnant were left with no choice but to look for jobs elsewhere. A lot of the profiles we received had a gap in their corporate work experience because they might have been trying out different things. But the current situation stresses the need for something concrete and stable, which makes them want to return to corporate life for the time being. It is a norm in the talent acquisition industry that such gaps are not welcomed. However, we at GINIO Wholesale believe that there is no substitute for your grit and your hard work. If you’re talented, you’re in. A resume does not define a good candidate, their personality does, their talent does. If they convince us that they can handle this work profile and if we see that spark in them, we’ll be more than happy to have them on board,” said the Human Resources Manager at GINIO Wholesale.

About Sunny Group

Sunny Group has been in the business of Home Care Category for the last 40 years. Izysk Solutions is a recently formed entity under Sunny Group in its IT division which is about to launch an online B2B platform called GINIO Wholesale for which they plan to onboard 50,000 retailers and 500 Distributors, Wholesalers and Super Stockist by March 2021. The team consisting of over 500 employees has been working out of home since there has been a tremendous increase in demand for home care and sanitization products.

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