West Coast Pharmaceuticals Launches SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash

West Coast Pharmaceuticals – one of the leading pharmaceuticals company in India has launched SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash with 100% natural ingredients that ensures washing away 99.9% germs, harmful pesticides, chemicals, wax, dirt and dust from the surface of fruits and vegetables. With the use of all-natural vegetable surfactant, West Coast Pharma’s SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is a carefully planned hygiene solution which is safe, natural, effective, tasteless, Eco-Friendly and gluten free and keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables intact for longer.

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing. People are getting aware of what hygiene is and how health matters above every penny. Today, people dont fear the virus as much as they fear the hygiene and logistics of the fruits and vegetables products that they buy. West Coast Pharmaceuticals understands the need of the hour and try their best to adapt and evolve to make consumers feel safe and confident to buy any fruit or vegetable they like, without hesitating for a second. SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is designed with the thought of letting the consumers be themselves and carefree allowing them to run the household like the earlier days. SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash by West Coast Pharma will not let you live in nostalgia, but rather make you relieve those old days of buying any fruits and vegetables you like, from any vendor without worrying about the harmful germs.

SteriAll – Vegetables and Fruits cleaner

Mr. Parth Patel, CEO of West Coast Pharmaceuticals emphasis on how consumers have step up focus on enhanced hygiene practices and how consumption habits are evolving due to current situation, and how the companies new launch will help bridge the gap in kitchen hygiene. “We are witnessing a definite shift in consumer habit and consumption patterns are increasingly being centred on personal and domestic hygiene,” said Parth Patel. “SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is the industrys first innovation to sanitize fruits and vegetables,” he added.

West Coast Pharmaceuticals extended business in health and hygiene segment, with an aim to aid and strengthen the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Company’s latest launch, SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is made with a unique mix of Purified Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate (Naturally Derived), Sea Salt, Vegetable Glycerine, Calcium Ascorbate (Antioxidant), Soda Bicarb, Vinegar, (All-Natural Vegetable Surfactant).

SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is available in 450ml and 5 litre packs. The 450 ml pack is priced at INR 300 whereas 5 litre pack of wash is priced at INR 3000.

SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is a consumer’s delight as it is an all in one product which removes dirt, bacteria and harmful particles from Different vegetables and fruits. “Different fruits and veggies require different kinds of washes; but SteriAll natural veggie wash has all in one solution. SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash Clean dirt, bacteria and harmful particles from the surface of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, without leaving any residue, aftertaste or smell. Our wash turns out to cheaper or inexpensive in comparison to other brands washes. The wash helps in preserving the produce and keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer,” explained Mr. Parth Patel, CEO of West Coast Pharmaceuticals.

SteriAll Vegetables and Fruits Wash is set to redefine the way vegetables and fruits are cleaned.

About West Coast Pharmaceuticals

Established in the year 1965, ‘West Coast Pharmaceutical Works Limited‘ has garnered a respectable name for itself in the domain of processing, supplying and exporting pharmaceutical products. Over the years, West Coast Pharmaceuticals has grown into a vast organization trusted by thousands of happy customers across the globe. West Coast Pharmaceutical’s experience and dedication in the field of makes them capable of processing wide range of over 600 products. The company boasts about its prompt service with full technical support with its highly computerized and interconnected departments for easy accessibility.

Export to 75+ countries.

Some of the company’s certifications include:

  1. Valid WHO GMP Certificate. (General, Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, External)
  2. Valid GMP Certificate. (For All Department)
  3. Valid ISO, GMP, GLP, Halal Approved, FSSAI Approved and Organic Eco Certificate
  4. More than 5000 Product Permission
  5. 1100 Approved Products Worldwide

West Coast Pharmaceuticasl is also a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Products from varied categories of products like Anti-Cancer Tablet & Capsules, Hormones Tablet & Capsules, Β-Lactum Tablets (Coated/Uncoated), Β-Lactum Capsule & Dry Syrup, Oral Powder (ORS, Protein Powder), Oral Liquid Section, General Tablet & Capsule, Disinfectant Products. (All hospital disinfectant products) External Liquid/Ointment/Gel/Lotion/Nasal spray, Cosmetics products.(Cream/Gel/Lotion/Soaps/Shampoo/Oils), Medicated Soaps, General Powder Repacking, Liquid Repacking, Dietary Supplement/Food Supplements/Nutraceutical products, Cosmeceutical Products (Medicated Cosmetics Mfg. Under Cosmetic Lic), Cosmetic products (Mfg. Under Cosmetic Lic.), Veterinary products, Sustained-release drugs, OTC category products and Ready Premix.

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Product Purchase Link:–Fruit-and-Vegetable-Cleanser-Wash-Away-Pesticides-Virus-and-Bacteria-Liquid—450ml.

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