What are the causes of Grey Hair as you grow older

What are the causes of Grey Hair as you grow older

Grey Hair struggle comes along with aging

The color of the hair is because of the pigment melanin which not just gives color to hair so as grey hair, black hair, etc, but additionally to our skin and eyes. Melanin pigment is engendered by follicular melanocytes present at the base of the hair shaft. Lesser the melanin pigment, lighter will be skin and hair color.

Why do we get Grey Hair

As we age it is natural to lose melanin in the hair. Usually the risk of going grey increases 10 to 20 percent every decade after the age of 30. On aging, the melanin engendering cells in the hair shaft, start to die. So, after that, the rest of the hair magnification will be without color hence turning them grey.

WHY GREY HAIR- reasons and causes

Certainly, stress alone cannot be the reason for grey hair. Let’s look into sundry factors. When it comes to aging GENETICS  largely determines when your hair will go grey. Like if your parents experienced early graying of hair, you might add. Additionally, the race can scarcely soothsay the age when one commences greying. Those of Asian descent may go grey little early than African Americans, who typically show graying at mid-40s.

What if alimental deficiency is the root cause of the graying of hair!

If one is not taking a balanced diet and is having a lifestyle that includes insalubrious habits, this might even lead to early graying of hair due to lack of nutrients. According to Ayurveda, imbalance in metabolism and digestion can engender heat in the body which can further give ascend to the issue of grey hairs.

Watch out few insalubrious habits like

  • Unrestrained consumption of junk food.Smoking and immoderate consumption of alcohol.\
  • Exorbitant exposure to pollution and direct sun rays.Let’s discover the WAYS TO SURMOUNT nutritional  DEFICIENCY.
  • Natural ways to gain nutrients is by savoring on protein affluent victuals like milk, paneer, pulse, chicken, egg, fish in your quotidian diet.
  • Diet can be supplemented with vitamin B-12, iron, folate, and copper affluent victuals, for example, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and coconut oil.

Some Underlying Health Conditions

  • Some implicit health conditions can additionally lead to premature graying of hair like THYROID disease, Vitiligo, and Alopecia areata.
  • May be hormonal fluctuation which can be handled by the consulting doctors. If redressed one can renovate the melanin and thus the natural color of hair.

Ways to delay graying of hair

To a certain extent, one can decelerate or delay the premature growth of hair.

Practice a few tips underneath to avoid unhealthy practices

1. Evade junk aliment and take a salubrious diet.
2. Abbreviate exposure to pollution or chemicals.
3. Manage stress to control hormonal fluctuation.
4. Maintain weight

Some MYTHS about natural hair color restoration

  • Mendacious promises for recuperating pristine hair color are many but they are mere myths to quiet an extent.
  • Hair mask having ingredients like coconut oil and lemon juice are for enhancing hair shine but cannot recuperate hair color.
  • Potato skin having natural starches avail darken grey hair but till you keep applying it.
  • The effect vanished as soon as you stop utilizing it.
  • Utilization of supplements like Zinc Vitamin B-12 and D -3 can be of some avail until and unless graying of hair is because of aging and is natural.

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