The Most Latest Fashion Trends 2024 For Women

Latest Fashion Trends

Since the time mankind has evolved into a global society which firmly believes in carrying itself in ways which please the eyes. Fashion has been the core of it. From utility of the clothing to its longevity, fashion is the thread that runs deep and across all societal events, issues and age groups. Furthermore it binds culture, demographics, religions, faith & workplace while dividing them at the same time. It is present in every aspect of life, be it intentional or irrational. Hence, let’s talk about the latest fashion trends 2024 and let’s dive into what’s new.

Bold colours and bold looks are making an entry again as seen in Radhika and Anant Ambani’s pre wedding celebrations. Fashion is always evolving but latest fashion trends 2024 involve Royal looks.

1. Jewelry

2024 jewellery trends are all about sleek and eco conscious designs but emeralds and pearls are on top. Although gold and diamond jewellery is forever in trend but emeralds is leading rubies and sapphires. Talking about pearls, pearl necklaces and earrings are in for daily routine wear.

Engagement rings have a very special place in every girls heart. Latest trends 2024 for engagement ring would include Princess Diana’s forever favourite sapphire ring, simple yet classy. Also solitaires are forever in trend because diamonds are a girls true best friends. Women opt for a plain solitaire ring and would add one diamond band on the wedding day and one on any anniversary they pick for achieving a milestone. Alongside shell anklets are in for young ladies.

2. Costumes

Almost for half of the year fur coats and jackets were trendy almost everywhere. Meanwhile, Co Ord sets especially linens and mulmul are hot selling. Infact pastel cotton co ord sets paired with jewellery especially pearls is a very trendy look and is followed by all age groups around. Also Co ord sets be it with shirts or short kurtis are in for all occasions.

Thus, all you need in summers for your wardrobe is a bunch of co ord sets or many pairs of linen pants to pair with almost everything. In fact, beige, white and olive green linen pants will work very well. However, churidars, shararas and  palazzos are not that in. But indeed satin dresses and skirts are in.

3. Footwear

Kolapuri chappals, Punjabi Juttis and Birkenstock sandals are the most purchased items in footwear for spring and summer. Among brands

Moreover, Nike air Jordan’s and adidas sambas are giving each other a very tough competition. Apart from that, stilettos is what every girl would love to wear. Moreover, Wedge heels with satin skirts won’t look bad for a lunch date.

4. Skincare And Makeup

Skincare plays an important role in every girls life. By washing the face with correct face wash followed by using a toner according to your prescribed skin. Then we come to skin prep. And talking about makeup glossy lips, colourful eyeliners, tinted cheeks and nose are so in. Makeup, especially no makeup, makeup  look is very in and most of the girls are so good at makeup that they have opted for it as a profession and are doing really well.

Especially foxy eyes, nude lips with a little gloss and a radiant base is considered regal.

Potlis replaced expensive bags and bold colours took a step back in 2013 but made a comeback in 2024. Also, Casio metal watches are classy yet affordable. Fashion is constantly evolving and changing. Moreover, new trends are always emerging and old ones at times make comebacks.

Lastly, fashion is mostly about having fun and expressing yourself so whether you’re into Indian wear or western there is always something exciting and new to explore. So this was the latest fashion trends 2024.

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