5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Health Insurance Policy

Family health insurance is equivalent to long-term protection of your familys well-being. Almost everyone has a family that one cares for and ensures it is protected from any possible shortcomings. Of course, no one plans or wishes to be falling ill and land in severe health conditions, but everyone at some time or other faces some health issue.

The health issues cannot be avoided, but what can be done is keeping an eye on health and lifestyle and preparing for the worst possible. And what is better than getting a medical insurance policy to cover your family from any health disorder

List of Considerations When Choosing a Family Health Insurance Policy

There are numerous health insurance plans and health insurance companies, but you must consider the following factors before choosing one:


Budget is the main reason for us to think of alternatives like insurance. Before choosing a healthcare insurance plan for your family, glance at your budget and proceed. Stay calm if a big budget does not back you. Several options are accessible, and you can choose the best suits you.

Medical insurance plans range from a few thousand to several lacs, and the price spectrum may expand on both sides. One advisable choice is a family health insurance plan. You can look it up online and evaluate additional plans within this price range.

Premium Amount

The premium amount is the main deal in deciding on any insurance plan. Take time and research by comparing the premium amounts and claim coverage that different plans offer, and choose the one with the least premium amount and maximum return possible.

Then, you can browse the internet to discover the most excellent offer or ask your friends for recommendations.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is another important factor when deciding on healthcare insurance plan options. The waiting period is the time frame in which you cannot raise a claim. There are different waiting periods for other conditions, and also, waiting periods may vary among policies and companies. For example, the waiting period for maternity may range from 9 months to 48 months for different medical insurance plans.

Suppose youre buying an insurance plan while you or your family member are in a health condition. In that case, you should also check for the waiting period as there are different clauses for different health conditions, which vary from plan to plan and company to company. So compare plans and choose the one with the least waiting period for the most expected ailment.


Exclusions are the most common factors for a claim to get rejected. Before making the final choice, one must go through the exclusions and ensure its alright for them. Exclusions are the conditions under which you cannot raise your claim, and those are generally non-time bound.

If a policy lists a condition in its exclusion list, you cannot claim for it by any means.

Also, the list of exclusions is varied for various procedures. So, for example, if some conditions are on the exclusion list of family health insurance, it doesnt need to be the same for another plan of the same company; it varies.

Network of Hospitals

When getting a family health insurance policy, choose a plan from a reputed insurance company with a vast network of hospitals listed so that you dont have to search hospitals as per your policy rather than the ailment caused and the treatment needed. Moreover, a policyholder can avail of all the benefits a listed network hospital provides under the insurance policy.

Apart from these significant factors, a few additional checkboxes are there that you should tick before getting a family insurance plan, such as discounts on fulfilling particular criteria like taking more than one policy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or not making a claim for a specific period like a year or so.

Also, it would be best to compare the premium rates, sub-limits, ease of claim settlement, co-payment clauses, and customisation options to get the best policy available in that range.


A family health insurance policy is something one gets to secure ones family members from all possible health issues. Getting an insurance policy is relatively easier than getting the right one. Therefore, your needs and references should be explicit.

The members ages, quantity, and the variety of potential health issues form the basis of your qualifications.

The features of the shortlisted plans become your next chore after you know what your healthcare insurance plan should cover. Go through the article, make a checklist, research a little and get the best medical insurance policy for your family.

No matter in what economic domain you fall, you can find a suitable insurance plan; thats certain. Apart from that, many companies offer varied ranges of health insurance policies that you can find online. Niva Bupa, recognized as one of the best health insurance company, is on the list of trusted and reputed insurers. When deciding on your maternity cover, exploring options from esteemed companies like Niva Bupa can ensure you access the best plans available in the market.

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