Arfeen Khan Organises Asia’s Biggest Global Virtual 360 Mega Event – Coach to a Fortune Foundation X

COVID-19 had left millions of people scared, isolated in their homes, uncertain about future, and amidst all this, Arfeen Khan conducted, Asias biggest global virtual 360 mega event, Coach to a Fortune Foundation X, on 5th and 6th December, where he had over 4000 people connected to him globally. Arfeen and the team did the broadcast of this event from a studio in Mumbai, India where they had setup a mammoth of tech to make this incredible feat possible. As part of Arfeens mission, his objective is to create an army of incredible coaches around the world, and impacting millions of lives through them and that is exactly what he achieved through this event.

Arfeen Khan

Pulling off an event like this, where youre connected to thousands of people globally at the same time, interacting with them, creating an unforgettable experience for them, an experience thats no short of a live event, helping them achieve breakthroughs, creating impact and putting them on a powerful action track to become coaches and go out in the world, causing the huge transformation. The event became even more special when Hrithik Roshan and Bhumi Pednekar also joined in live on the second day and shared some amazing insights about what makes an extraordinary coach, and inspired the audience to a whole new level. Their charisma and energy came through and created an outstanding experience for everyone!

Arfeen Khan

It was a challenge but once again, Arfeen Khan showed that he can come any challenge head-on and break through it, redefining the new ways of doing things! He created a Virtual 360 Interactive Experience hub, in a studio that had 30-foot high ceilings and 12-foot high projection screens stretching 60-feet wide and creating a 360-degree circle filled with people on the screens. It was all supported and made possible by hundreds of computers and laptops, countless wires and connections, ultra-high-speed internet connection, a relentless team of awesome experts that worked day and night to set it all up. The team had some of the best people in the sound department, a dedicated team to handle the virtual call with thousands of people globally, another dedicated team of massive and super expensive 360-degree projection setup, a team of amazing video shooting people, a team to coordinate and bring it all together, and every single person who was running around, doing their job, more like a drop in the ocean!

What you get, as a result, is a massive, magnificent virtual interactive experience for 2 full days, a feat that no one in Asia has ever done before, where over 4000 people globally-connected, interacted with Arfeen, sitting in the comfort of their home and experiencing the real magic of a live event!

With this event, Arfeen has shown that when you decide something and focus your mind on getting that done and making it a reality, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving it! In COVID times, he proved that by not only creating technological breakthroughs, but he has actually created a high impact environment where he was able to effortlessly touch peoples lives, even when they werent physically present! This virtual experience was nothing like any other virtual meeting you ever experienced, it had loud cheering and clapping and celebrating of thousands of people, hundreds of lights on ceilings that created a live event like environment, dancing, lots of laughter, lots of emotions, and super-high electric energy across the globe with the 4000 people connected simultaneously.

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