Benefits of Evocus Black Alkaline Water are Now Clinically Proven

Evocus, a pioneering name in the beverage & wellness industry, is proud to announce the remarkable and clinically proven benefits of its revolutionary product, Evocus Black Alkaline Water. Backed by scientific research, this innovative black alkaline water has emerged as a game-changer in the world of hydration and wellness. Evocus Black Alkaline Water is alkaline water infused with essential minerals and 8+ pH. With a range of benefits that have been clinically validated, it has quickly gained recognition as an essential addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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Backed by science, this innovative drink redefines well-being with a spectrum of clinically proven benefits:

  • 4X Hydration: Provides 4X hydration

  • Regulates bladder and Bowel Function: 40% more effective in regulating bowel movements, fecal properties, and urinary frequency

  • Improved Digestive Health: Reduced constipation and bloating

  • Enhanced Gut Health: 30% improvement in reducing bloating, heartburn, heavy stomach, & abdominal pain

  • Effective Detoxification: This alkaline water supports the bodys natural detox process in terms of Digestive health, Energy level, Emotional expressions, Physical fitness and Skin texture facilitating the elimination of toxins and promoting internal cleansing.

  • Boosted Energy and Physical Fitness: Consuming 1 liter daily helps you with an active lifestyle

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Clinical studies reveal a 55% improvement in sleep quality.

  • Reduces Fatigue: Improvement in 100% of participants on reduction in tiredness and weakness, after consumption for 30 days.

  • Boosts Immunity: Reduces frequent illness and fights infections.

Mr. Aakash Vaghela, Founder at Evocus, expressed his excitement about the revolutionary product, stating, “With Evocus Black Alkaline Water, we are embarking on a journey to redefine wellness and take it to the global level. Indeed water with the right amount of minerals and an alkaline pH is all you need for a healthier lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the remarkable advantages of Evocus Black Alkaline Water, backed by clinical evidence.

The clinical research is registered under CTRI (Clinical Trials Registry India) bearing registration no CTRI/2022/10/046499 which is a joint initiative of DST, WHO and ICMR.

For a more comprehensive understanding of product details and its benefits, please visit and Use the coupon code “CLINICALLY PROVEN” to avail of flat 25% off delivery across India. Evocus Back water has become increasingly popular in India, thanks to its unique features and health benefits, which have attracted a growing number of health-conscious consumers, Bollywood celebrities, cricketers, Olympians, and the like. The brand is available across major retail stores and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Zepto, Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart, Milk Basket, Big Basket, and on Evocuss website and offline in major grocery stores, 5-star hotels and fine dines across India making it easily accessible to consumers.

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