Ditch the Chemicals this Holi, Tattva Wellness Spa Shares their Spring Season Anecdotes for Best Skin Health

As the festival of Holi approaches, Tattva Wellness Spa has released it’s nature inspired beauty & wellness therapies that are the perfect anecdote to the potential skin & hair damage caused during the rampant use of artificial colors & fragrances during the festival of Holi. With sustainability & nature inspired wellbeing at its core, Tattva is on a mission to enhance awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals in Holi colors and offer pleasant alternatives to enhance the festive spirit.

Tattva is a serene escape for well being

To understand the harmful effects of the high lead content in dry holi colors, we refer to the published research paper – “A Study of the Levels of Some Toxic Substances present in Dry Holi Colours in Kolkata, India”, by Krishnajyoti Goswami (Faculty of Medicine, Lincoln University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Ipsita Mazumdar (Department of Biochemistry, KPC Medical College, Kolkata, India). Their paper was published in Indian journal of clinical Biochemistry in April 2021.

“In ancient times holi colours were prepared from different flowers that blossomed during spring. Due to the urbanisation, the disappearance of trees, and mass manufacturing, these natural colours came to be replaced by commercial industrial dyes prepared by chemical processes. But some products were claimed to have been prepared using flowers as raw materials; though generally, brightness of synthetic colours are higher than the herbal or organic colours. Such synthetic holi colours are sold as herbal colours, in an unregulated manner, in local markets, and no checks can be enforced on the product composition,” it is observed in the research paper.

Holi colours can lead to many skin allergies and rashes and dermatitis and undue exposure is damaging to the eyes as well. There are chances you might experience dry scalp, dryness and rough open cuticles. It may also lead to an itchy scalp and irritation in the skin.

In a metropolitan city like Bangalore, where a large majority of population is living away from their homes, they might not have access to the traditional, safe colors for Holi and some of the commercially available colors are not safe. The spring season in Bangalore is one of the most vibrant hues of colors in the country. Every year, with the season changing from spring to summer, Bengaluru is smeared with shades of pink, yellow, red, and white. With the trees blooming around this time of the year across the ‘Garden City’, the landscape presented by the metropolis is a visual treat. These very flowers of Jacaranda, gulmuhar, golden tree and more are safe alternatives to the chemical laden commercial colors used for Holi. Our safety & health sure is worth the time & effort it takes to collect the flowers and make one’s own colors.

Traditionally, Holi was all about natural colors & a celebration of the change of season with fun and frolic. Echoing sentiments from ancient texts such as the “Harivamsha Purana” and the “Bhavishyottara Purana,” Holi has stood the test of time as a celebration of victory and new beginnings. These texts also extol the virtues of natural ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, and flowers in skincare rituals during Holi, underscoring the timeless connection between tradition and wellness.

Legend has it that the tradition of playing with colors during Holi originates from Lord Krishnas playful exchanges with his beloved Radha and other gopis. This joyous pastime, steeped in love and laughter, has since become an integral part of Holi festivities.

Adapting to Seasonal Skin Needs
In India, the advent of spring brings about significant shifts in weather, which in turn impacts skin health. Studies have highlighted fluctuations in hydration levels, heightened sensitivity, and increased vulnerability to sun damage during this transition. Its imperative to tailor skincare routines accordingly. Tattva’s body scrubs & polishers are popular skincare rituals that guests are recommended particularly for the change of season. Tattva’s Floral Mist Body Polisher therapy, brings to you a misty fusion of aromatic oils, Palash, saffron, and specialty floral extracts from the Himalayan valley. The gentle exfoliating evens out the skin tone leaving your skin soft and supple and giving it that dewy glow.

“The winter skin definitely needs buffing away and what better way to celebrate Holi with natural skin scrubs. At Tattva Wellness Spa, we blend ancient traditions with scientific innovation to offer gentle and natural skincare therapies every Holi. If you are planning to play Holi, stock up on some natural flowers and prepare your Holi colored waters at home,” remarks Shipra Sharma, Founder & Director of Tattva Wellness Spa. “A post Holi beauty spa appointment is advisable to relieve the skin from the harmful effects of the colors or even for a seasonal skin buffing therapy. Our bespoke skincare therapies are a homage to tradition, nourishing the skin, uplifting spirits, and honoring the essence of this joyous festival, in a safe way.”

About Tattva Wellness Spa

Tattva Spa is India’s most trusted wellness and beauty brands in India. Tattva offers premium spa and salon services through 90+ spas centers across 30+ cities in India. Tattva wellness spa centers are located at luxury & premium hotels & resorts across international branded hotels like Marriott International, Hilton, Accor, IHG & Radisson. Tattva has steadily grown over the last 11 years to become India’s largest chain of wellness spas with over 600 professionally trained wellness therapists who are dedicated towards alleviating stress from people’s lives helping them “Live Better, Live More & Do More”.

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