‘Ghar Pe Bataao’ is India’s First Single take Feature Film

Content is King. And this has been proven over the years, with so many content driven films being hailed by the audiences. This has in turn become the force behind filmmakers coming up with extraordinary and interesting film concepts. Such is the case with the upcoming feature film ‘Ghar Pe Bataao. The makers have left no stones unturned in crafting this noteworthy concept into a masterpiece. What makes this film an incredible watch is that it is India’s first single take feature film, without compromising on the production quality, writing and cinematography.

Poster of Ghar Pe Bataao

The film revolves around a couple who has been in a relationship for over 5 years. The struggle begins when the girl tries to convince the boy to apprise his parents about them. The boy seems to be dithering and stalling because he is aware about what the full weight of their relationship would do to his parents. But the girl has made up her mind. It’s now or never and she will push through. Set on the hills of Matheran with lush green forest in the background is an add-on to the beautiful story narrated through the actors.

Cast & Crew of Ghar Pe Bataao

The film features Priyanka Sonawane Hedau and Saurabh Goyal in the lead and is produced by Ankush Rai & Neshu Saluja, presented under the banner of Indian Pariah Pictures. Written and directed by Neshu Saluja and cinematography by Karandeep Chhabra.

Director Neshu Saluja

Talking about the unorthodox way of filmmaking, Director Neshu Saluja says, “I have shot the entire movie in a single take, unfolding in real time. I want to invite the audience to be with the characters. I want the audience to sit with them when they are sitting and to walk with them when they are walking. The natural ambience is the real music for the film and hence I haven’t used any background score. I wanted to create an experience of the real world. I have always sought out real stories of real people with their real issues. I feel personal stories of love and loss rings a universal echo.” Makers will soon be releasing the film on one of the premium OTT platforms.

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