Intraday Index Option Scalping – “Pop Scalper” a New Offering of DSIJ Private Limited

One of the most preferred instruments for trading is ‘Options‘ and this can be confirmed by the fact that options have a lion’s share contribution in the total turnover of National Stock Exchange (NSE).

However, trading in options is not a cakewalk for traders as many traders are still see-sawing in controversial debate as to whether ‘options buying‘ is more profitable as compared to ‘options selling‘ or not.

Common statistic states that nearly 80 percent of the options expire worthlessly. Thus, it translates to a fact that the buyer of the option loses money while on the other hand, the seller actually takes the premium.

Pop Scalper

To support this view, the chief economist & derivatives strategist, Dr. John F Summa published a report in 2003. In his study, Dr. Summa shared that on average, 76.5 percent of all the options held till expiration expired worthless.

Then the question arises as to why people are inclined towards buying an option Usually, traders buy options in anticipation of making an unlimited profit with a limited investment. So, how can one be an option buyer and still make a decent profit We believe the smartest way to earn a decent amount of money by buying an option is to take advantage of the momentum or trend i.e. when the market is moving in one direction or technically speaking, in a trending market.

Hence, in this product i.e. the Pop Scalper, we wait for the market phases of trending move & volatility expansion and recommend accordingly to buy a call or put options in Nifty & Bank Nifty options.

About DSIJ

Starting off as a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet in 1986, Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), the flagship product of the company, soon began to be looked upon as the gospel of stock market investing. At a time when quality financial and guidance was rare, the company (DSIJ) pioneered many ‘firsts‘ to cater to the fast growing investor base of India.

Over the years, its primary publication and other products have helped investors create and protect their wealth in the most meaningful manner, guiding both new investors and the experienced ones, not to forget the established traders, to choose the right stocks, avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of high tides in the vast ocean of equity investments. It is this vast experience, study and toughening during all kinds of scams and markets ups and downs that gives DSIJ an unbiased balanced insight about the several unfolding events without getting swayed by temporary and misleading populous excitement.

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