L’Oréal Professionnel’s Guide to Winter Hair Care for Men

As the mercury dips, men may feel their skin and hair takes a battering due to the dry weather. For men who are looking for ways to improve their grooming game and look their dapper best, L’Oral Professionnel, world’s leading hair care brand, comes to the rescue with expert hair care & styling products as a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, it’s as simple as that!

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Some of the most common hair concerns faced by men are dandruff, greasy & clogged scalp leading to dull, lifeless hair. Men can head to their nearest salon and get an expert recommended rejuvenating Scalp Detox a 20-minute invigorating scalp massage service, powered by Hair Spa Scrub. This powerful scrub removes scalp impurities like dirt, dandruff & excess grease in a flash, leaving you with a refreshed, soothed scalp. Enriched with tea tree oil, this range helps in scalp purification & removal of excess oil and flakes** leaving the both the hair and scalp literally ‘detoxed‘.

To maintain the everyday health of the hair on a regular basis, this must be followed up with the Hair Spa Detoxifying home care range – a shampoo and conditioner from L’Oral Professionnel

Now that the scalp is taken care, a subtle makeover could be given to those lockdown locks with expert recommended styling products from L’Oral Professionnel.

Men can get a neat, slick look with Homme Sculpte which set the hair and gives it a long lasting controlled appearance. A nice texture to your hair vibrancy, shine and natural look can be added with Tecni.Art Web.

L’Oral Professionnel invites men to play the detox game this winter, it’s time for men to pencil in a Hair Spa service for their hair and scalp, available only in salons!

Hair Spa Pollution Detox Service: For normal to greasy scalp: INR 899/-

Hair Spa Pollution Deep Detox Service: For greasy scalp and dandruff: INR 999/-

These products are readily available by your nearest LOral Professionnel partner salon.

Hair Spa Detoxifying shampoo (250 ML) ranged at: INR 399/-

Hair Spa Detoxifying Conditioner (200 ML) ranged at: INR 399/-

Tecni.Art Web (150 ML) ranged at: INR 600/-

Homme Sculpte (150 ML) ranged at: INR 630/-

About L’Oral Professionnel

Born in Paris, the capital of fashion and artistic inspiration, L’Oral Professionnel has always kept its pace and rhythm in tune with the artistic community. Each season, we work closely with the world’s top hair artists to co-develop products and services that enhance creativity, creating trust & relationship with consumers. In 2019, we will celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand in Paris. As the No. 1 Salon brand in India and worldwide, we continue to leverage on our 3 core values: Pioneering Spirit via innovative products, services & digital innovations, Professional Hair Artistry with collaboration with the edgiest hair artists from around the world & ‘Frenchness‘, quite simply because it’s our vision of beauty. Education is a crucial part of success for L’Oral Professionnel. From the company’s academies, to in-salon and on-location training, the company offers the professional salon community technical expertise, artistic inspiration and business building skills that bring self-improvement to individuals and empowerment to salon staff.

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