Mompreneur Surabhi Handa Launches Brainwonders in Gurugram

Meet Mrs. Surabhi Handa, a mompreneur who has launched ‘Brainwonders‘, a leading career counselling company in Haryana’s Gurugram. She is a proud mother of a 4-year-old boy, with a desire to bring a change in Gurugram. Hence, she found her vision being met as a Brainwonders Master Franchise.

Born and raised in a business family in Jhansi, Surabhi is an excellence driven individual with far reaching dreams. She pursued her education in Website Designing. Despite her progress in the corporate sector, seeking further growth, she managed to balance her professional life with academic pursuits even after her marriage in 2008. With time, her hunger to learn only grew with time, and hence she sharpened her profile with a course in Leading Digital Transformation from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and an MBA program in Business Analytics from NMIMS.

Mrs. Surabhi Handa, Regional Head, Brainwonders, Gurugram

It was after the birth of her son, she knew that she needed to take her career in a more comprehensive direction- something that could meet the growing needs of her child as well as give her a sense of professional satisfaction. She decided to explore the idea of having her own venture- and was on lookout for a space where she could grow professionally while simultaneously providing a good learning environment for her son.

Having grown up in a family that owned a real estate business- she was very well versed with the fact that only true ownership of her business will be able to provide the satisfaction and autonomy she seeks. As she sought the various industries and sectors to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey, the education sector emerged as the only flourishing field which could quench her thirst for lifelong learning and an opportunity to keep her knowledge and skills updated.

It was then she came across Brainwonders as a leading business with franchise options in the edutech field. Intrigued, she dug further and gained one simple understanding- with Brainwonders services and learning curve- she would be able to provide an open-minded learning environment and exposure to not only her prospective clients, but her child as well.

Despite her readiness, she was thorough with her research and sought the guidance of her family. She presented her queries to the Brainwonders National Coordinator- Mrs. Tejal Patil who provided her with the sought after guidance and learnt about the year long development support, authentic and published papers vouching for the concept and in-depth concept and development training. She recalls that for her, the deal was sealed when she was left impressed by her own U.S. patented DMIT report.

Surabhi recalls that she was in awe of the technical clarity she received and the sense of empowerment during the marketing training actually pushed her to aim higher and better- and armed her with tools she needed to succeed as a business woman and as a mother as well!

As a mother herself, she is keen that with Brainwonders, she would be able to cater to unmet needs of the residents of Gurugram (Gurgaon), specially for students, parents and schools. An article published in India Today in August 2018 had stated that India is in dire need of 1.4 million career counsellors for students- affirming the resolve of Mrs. Surabhi Handa.

With successful operations model and business frameworks and nation-wide reputation of Brainwonders among known educators, Mrs. Surabhi Handa broadened her horizons by joining the Brainwonders family as a Master Franchise adding ‘entrepreneur’ to her list of achievements.

Convinced with her enthusiasm and action plan, her brother now co-owns the business and they are immensely supported by her husband as well. Drawing on her own motherhood, she states, “Not only is Brainwonders DMIT an efficient test, but a testament to your child’s potential. It would provide the clarity of thought for the child’s attitude as well as aptitude. It is not about taking away the child’s tendency to make mistakes- but simply assuring that mistakes will not be made on the strengths, and the other areas keep developing simultaneously.”

From her own experience as well as feedback from other parents, she knows that every person is different and that Brainwonders services are exactly how the people of Gurugram can know and celebrate that difference to advantage. “As parents, it is important for one to know how different the child is from us.”Mrs Surabhi exclaims!

Her brother – Gaurav Handa, has both academic as well as work experience in commerce and had been managing a flourishing business since a young age of 22. Leaving a business he has known for so long for the unfamiliar waters of the education sector was a tough choice for him, but his discussions with friends and family made him realise how amazing an educational venture would be – so he partnered with his sister. He believes that diversifying the line of business will help to grow as an individual, learn new things and also give it back to society. “Every child is different and if nurtured the right way can do wonders!”– a thought he voices gleefully.

Currently, Surabhi and her brother Gaurav, are working hard to make their services benefit as many people as possible. They believe that hard work always pays off, and their endeavours to make their Brainwonders services a strong base in the two cities proves that.

Surabhi Handa is an enigmatic woman, a mompreneur who is determined to shine the ray of growth in the city of Gurugram and. Her philosophy- Tough times never last, tough people do!

One can now avail her expert career counselling and personal guidance services at: +91 9717073513.

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