Olyflix becomes First Platform to Offer Movies Release Worldwide at Same Time as in India

Olyflix is an innovative and secure Virtual Theater where film enthusiasts can come and watch new releases as Premium-Video-On-Demand on a pay-per-view basis. Olyflix is also a platform where producers can release their movies to an audience outside India. We are available in all countries outside India.

Suresh Raj – Co-founder and CEO, Olyflix

The Tamil Film “Eeswaran” was scheduled to be released outside India through Olyflix, as Premium-Video-On-Demand, on January 14th alongside the theater releases in India. This would have been the first time an Indian film ever reached a global audience at the same moment as the audience in India. Olyflix has already gotten overwhelming support from “Eeswaran” movie fans and actor Simbu fans all over the world for their efforts to make the movie available quickly to a global audience during the pandemic and theater closings.

Although there was no competition with Tamil Nadu Theater Owners and Olyflix, refuting the fears of piracy, Co-founder and CEO Suresh Raj said, “We are in agreement with the decision of Producer Balaji Kapa to address the request of Theater owners to postpone the release of the “Easwaran” film on our Olyflix platform.Balaji Kapa said, “I am very thankful to Olyflix for understanding our situation and cooperating with us.Suresh added “Our business model is to support both Producers of Indian films and local Theater owners. We want producers to maximize their income so they can continue investing in new films. We decided not to screen new releases in India to ensure our presence won’t impact the Indian theater business. Theater owners in India will benefit if theater releases the movies in India and simultaneously Olyflix releases them outside India. We have ensured anti-piracy efforts and the added publicity from our dedicated digital marketing team will benefit the movie.Suresh continued, “We are also in conversation with Producers of many new films, including the new release “Master“, for release on Olyflix to reach the global audience.”

Olyflix is a highly innovative platform built to help Indian movies reach every corner of the world and provide global viewers the convenience to watch from their homes. Due to the current pandemic and limited availability of theaters and timings, families outside India are reluctant to go to theaters. Besides, the theaters in every country currently give preference to their domestic films, which makes it harder for Indian movies to get more screenings and ideal showtimes. “We anticipate this situation to continue into 2022. Since producers in India take the risk to invest their hard-earned money in movies, we came up with a solution to help them generate additional revenue from the overseas market. The best time for producers to monetize their movies from the overseas market is within 30 days of release in India,” says Salil Sankaran, Co-founder and Chairman of Olyflix.

To protect movie content from being pirated on any online media, anywhere in the world, Olyflix has anti-piracy teams. Olyflix has a 24×7 call center to provide the best customer support for viewers. Olyflix’s 24×7 technical and engineering support team ensures that viewers have a top-quality viewing experience. Olyflix has a robust social media and marketing team based in both USA and India.

Olyflix is taking security and piracy very seriously and gets regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing conducted.

About Olyflix
Olyflix is founded by Producers and Technology executives. Based on the founders experience as current producers, they have developed a new market for producers to release their content hassle-free and monetize movies to their full potential. The producers can set a price for their movies in conjunction with our team. This model ensures a maximum return to the producers.

Olyflix Vision is to be the top digital movie release platform in the world, by enabling viewers to watch new releases anywhere, anytime. Our Mission is to provide a secure virtual platform to producers, so they can easily release their movies and maximize their financial returns.

Besides watching the movie on website, viewers can watch the movie on all major platforms including Samsung TV, Fire TV, LG TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone, Android, etc.

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