Pahari Roots Crowned ‘Best Emerging Brand of the Year’ at the Food Connoisseurs India Convention – West Edition 2024

Pahari Roots, a brand dedicated to introducing the finest ingredients from North East India to culinary enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce its prestigious win as the Best Emerging Brand of the Year at the Food Connoisseurs India Convention – West Edition 2024.

Pahari Roots – Receives award for the Best Emerging Brand of the Year

Pahari Roots takes immense pride in showcasing the culinary treasures of North East India and has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to the gastronomic landscape. The brands commitment to authenticity, quality, and innovation has earned it this esteemed accolade.

“We are honoured to have received this award, and it serves as a testament to our dedication to promoting the rich culinary heritage of North East India,” remarked Chaya Bahirvani, Partner, and Co-founder of Pahari Roots. “This recognition brings us closer to our mission of making North Eastern cuisine and ingredients accessible and appreciated across diverse culinary platforms.”

Bhavna Ahuja, Partner & Co-founder of Pahari Roots, expressed gratitude for the recognition & appreciation received from industry stalwarts, including Chef. Montu Saini (Executive Chef – Parliament House, Sr. Executive Chef – Presidents Secretariat (June 2015 – Aug 2020), Honorary Member to LE Club Des Chefs Des Chefs (CCC) (Since June 2015), CCC- Club of Personal Chefs of Head of States & the Worlds Most Exclusive Gastronomic Society), Chef. Vinod Bhatti (Food Range & Supply Leader, Ikea India & Member – Indian Culinary Forum, IFCA, WACS., Chef. Jason DeSouza, Executive Chef and owner of luxury fine dining restaurant White Plate in Goa. Chef. Ishijyot Surri (Executive Chef & Founder, SJI Hospitality & Foods Pvt. Ltd).

The brands exhibit also attracted attention from prominent hoteliers and restaurateurs in the hospitality industry, further validating its potential for growth and collaboration.

“We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with chefs and restaurants to present these rare indigenous produce from the North East Region in innovative ways,” added Bhavna Ahuja.

The North East region has long been overlooked in the mainstream food industry, and Pahari Roots seeks to change that narrative. With a diverse range of ingredients including the fiery Bhut Jhalokia, the fruity Birds Eye Chilli, the indigenous Perilla Seed, the citrusy Sichuan Peppercorn, the obscure White Sticky Rice, the healing Lakadong Turmeric, and the Young Jackfruit, among many others.

About Pahari Roots
Pahari Roots was founded in 2020 by sisters Bhavna Ahuja & Chaya Bahirvani and friend Stephanie Marbaniang, with roots in Meghalaya. The brand is committed to bringing the finest ingredients from North East India to culinary enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on authenticity, quality, and innovation, Pahari Roots aims to showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region and promote its unique flavours and ingredients on a global platform.

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