Passionpreneur Mastermind, The Holistic Mentorship Program by Dev Gadhvi Enterprise

Now, whos a passionpreneur Well, in Dev Gadhvis terms, he is on a mission to rescue and enable people trapped in unpleasant jobs. Many of us would love to pursue our dream venture but thinking it wont support our livelihood, we give up on it. But, not anymore! If you have the passion, then this mentor and author of bestsellers – 80% Mindset 20% Skills and 6 Sundays a Week Life is the right man to approach.

Dev Gadhvi

Passionpreneur Mastermind – A Venture to Evolve the Evolved!
Passionpreneur Mastermind is a one-stop mentorship program which covers various aspects starting from finding passion, building social media presence, becoming an author, creating one’s own product portfolio, running webinars, closing clients and much more.

A venture by the passionate, for the passionate and from the passionate; Passionpreneur Mastermind was launched, and within a very short time, more than hundreds of successful mentees were mentored. Some of them even quit from their gainful occupation(s) to become Passionpreneurs by exploring a plethora of business opportunities, for which, they were most passionate about. The first thing these new-age Passionpreneurs learnt is time freedom. Some mentees even turned out to be great authors by simply doing what they loved the most, i.e., writing their experiences and success stories. The Passionpreneur’s logic is simple, even if you are successful, you need to achieve internal happiness, which can be only achieved by following your passion and making it into your profession. More entrepreneurs, while following what their hearts goes with, are turning out to be great Passionpreneurs.

Dev Gadhvi, Indias First Passionpreneur Mentor
Dev Gadhvi, the founder of Dev Gadhvi Enterprise, was born to a truck driver and a homemaker in a neighborhood of drunkards and the poorest of the poor locality, this arduous boy was urged every inch by his father to study hard and change his destiny. After finishing formal schooling, Dev couldnt sit still as his fathers beckoning to work hard always reckoned in his mind. He started his career by working in a BPO and kept changing companies one after another. Finally, when he entered an international firm, his struggle to speak fine English made him a laughing stock at his workplace. However, he continued till he realized that sticking to this single company wouldn’t raise his finances. Dev soon grabbed a salesman job and switched companies frequently to earn more! After 16 years of working, he attained a position in life, where his income was appreciable. Still, the sense of something missing made him feel dissatisfied. Though he was earning a lot, he couldnt spend time with his family or take leaves whenever he wished. With the help of his mentors he was not only able to quit his job and live a meaningful life but also help others who wanted to do the same and live their life purposefully through his one-of-a-kind program ‘Passionpreneur Mastermind‘.

Since the inception of his journey, Dev Gadhvi Enterprise has mentored hundreds of people, helping them to quit their jobs and follow their hearts. These mentees are not only doing what they love but also building a successful business around their passion.

A feather in the hat would be the social initiative driven by the organization, known as CareNation. It is a philanthropic step towards uplifting street vendors. Astonishingly, this sudden change made the job quitter a millionaire in 30 months. Dev gathered accolades as a mentor who helped his mentees too to become rich. Interestingly, this Josh talks Speaker, accrues all his success to his gurus, Grant Cardone and Dan Lok, who taught him the art of business as well as life.

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