Sancta Maria Students’ Projects Receive Global Appreciation and Grants as Part of the ISP Changemakers Programme

Two projects submitted by Sancta Maria International School Students as part of the ISP Changemakers programme have made a significant mark, receiving grants for their future implementation. The ISP Changemakers programme offered by the International Schools Partnership empowers students with the essential tools and methodologies to create initiatives that make a significant social impact. Engaging in this programme enables students to tackle pertinent concerns in the community, which are instrumental in shaping the future.

Sancta Maria School students during one of the Eatwise Project activities

The ‘Courteous Conversations Crusade‘ project aims to foster a safer and more respectful online environment by combatting the use of inappropriate language and promoting a more positive verbal behaviour. It plans to achieve this by establishing a code of conduct, creating educational materials such as online guides and webinars, implementing AI-based content filters, and developing reporting mechanisms for offensive content.

The initiative also involves a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of respectful online communication across various platforms. In collaboration with social media platforms and digital rights organisations, the project aims to curb the use of foul language in the short term by motivating people to be more aware of its negative effects and, in the long term, by fostering a more thoughtful and considerate online community.

The ‘Eatwise!‘ project presented by primary school students aims to address the impact of unhealthy food choices on childrens physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being by instigating a positive transformation in their food practices. It emphasises the importance of reflection and a shift in perception towards healthier food options, promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for children.

The implementation involves various educational initiatives such as age-appropriate questionnaires and nutritional information displays. Creative engagement methods like art competitions and community involvement through recipe booklets will be employed. The project also includes sharing best practices with a sibling school, fostering healthy competition and accountability through inter-house competitions and creating a school kitchen garden for seasonal organic produce, in partnership with Organo-Et.

The impact is multi-faceted, aiming to promote mindful food choices, building a healthier community by preventing lifestyle diseases, and fostering a future-ready generation by instilling responsibility, empathy, and an understanding of the importance of a sustainable world in the next generation.

As a proud participant in the ISP Changemakers, Ive discovered that the true potential for positive impact lies in our daily choices. Through the Eatwise! project, Ive embraced the incredible power of change in every meal. Its not just about eating; its about choosing change – a change towards a healthier, more mindful lifestyle that resonates with the ethos of ISP Changemakers,” says Sancta Maria student Vanika.

Ms. Ruchira Ghosh, Principal of Sancta Maria International School, said, “Our students are shaping up to be the architects of positive change, proving that even small actions can yield monumental impacts. The Eatwise and Courteous Conversations projects exemplify the transformative power of our collective efforts. Through these initiatives, our students are not just embracing change but becoming catalysts for a healthier, more respectful, and sustainable future.

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About Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad

Sancta Maria International School is a Cambridge Pathway curriculum school in Hyderabad, established in 2011 by the highly respected Saint Mary’s Educational Society. The school’s vision is to “unlock the potential of every learner for a better world” and it is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) global network of schools.

About International Schools Partnership (ISP)

International Schools Partnership (ISP) is a global network of 80 plus schools across 23 countries, serving students aged 2 to 18. With learners and learning at its core, ISP continuously strives for improvement to create positive educational experiences for students, teachers, leaders and parents in all its schools.

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