Telebu Provides Grptalk Services for Upcoming Bihar Elections

Telebu is India’s mobile first communication company announced that Grptalk Services have been exceptionally utilized by political parties for the upcoming Bihar Elections.

grptalk is the worlds largest Audio Conferencing service provider which can connect more than 50,000 people on a single call at the same time. The upcoming elections have increased business prospects for us. Wherever there are a large number of people on a call or target consumer, parties need solutions like grptalk. For the Bihar elections, Telebu’s multiple products are being leveraged by leading political parties and adopted by many party workers. grptalk helps party workers on their daily work and understanding of the situation on a day to day basis from all the individuals at one go. Party workers have to coordinate before the election and they need to have a lot of digital rallies that are visual and audio. That is a large gathering that parties need to reach out.

Political parties are using grptalk to organize such virtual rallies. These audio rallies also help the leaders share their message to 50,000+ people on a single call. Telebu products help conduct polls for political parties to identify the right candidate. Missed call services are also very popular amongst political parties. These services help them get insights based on public opinion. Voter Identification and verification campaigns help gather support for elections manifestos and identify burning issues. It is helping them plan the focused campaigning areas by understanding the ground situation from the party workers. Broadcast campaigns also remind the public to vote, deliver personalised messages from leaders. Telebu is also offering IVRS, TelebuJoin (webinar/video meetings) and grievance redressal system (TelebuHub) that helps in getting the manifesto of the party directly sent to the voters, area specific strategizing and messages targeted on the segment or consumer sharing what the candidate is going to do also can be send to the voters with his voice and videos, which is added personalization.

The grptalk app helps political parties to organize a maximum of eight rallies and allows connecting at least 10-50,000+ people in each rally. It also guarantees to pledge to vote for elections. The audio conferencing app helps them to make all the workers to enroll voters for MLC elections. It is considered as the best tool to connect all the party workers of the constituency. It guides them for their daily work and helps in understanding the situation on a day to day basis from all the individuals at one go. It is also used to plan the focused campaigning areas by understanding the ground situation from the party workers.

Speaking about the business, role in elections and future, Mr. Satya Yeramsetti, CEO Telebu said, “The rise in demand of grptalk services made us realize the high demand and potential in the Indian market. We had a successful campaign in the previously held Telangana elections as well. Grptalk is the worlds only application which connects over 50,000+ people on a single call at the same time which gives us an edge over our competitors. This feature is very useful for political parties and they are using it efficiently.”

“The upcoming election in Bihar was a perfect opportunity for us to increase business prospects. We are looking at expanding our services portfolio and already have a gamut of solutions that can be instrumental for parties to hold campaigns, get polls, get authentic surveys and hold party meetings with a large gathering and all. To support the current demand in the segment, we are also looking at expanding our team strength and increasing our headcount by 20-25% in next quarter,” Satya added.

grptalk is a mobile and web-based audio conferencing app that lets you connect 10-50,000+ people in less than 30 seconds. It enables ‘instant conferencing’ and gives you complete control and visibility of the call. The app also has more than 80,000 active users connected to it. Telebu offers grptalk services for political parties to connect with their party workers and plan a strategy for the elections.

About Telebu

Telebu has a unique strategy. It does not cater to a single market, but multiple markets simultaneously. These can broadly be called the Team Communication, Team Collaboration, and Customer Communication markets. Put together the size of these markets will reach $150 billion by 2024. The COVID-19 pandemic has created another segment called the “work from home or Virtual Office segment“. Over the next five years, Telebu expects to capture ten per cent of this soon to be $350 million market. Telebu has offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi NCR. It also has offices in Gulf Coast Countries including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait. Telebu employs more than 400 people. It serves more than 100,000 customers and more than 3,000 enterprises. Among Telebu’s customers are ten political organisations.

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