Vieroots, a health start-up based out of Bengaluru and Kochi, backed by Actor Suniel Shetty Launched Virtually

Health and wellness have been one of the few verticals that have seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of years, more so during the pandemic. Vieroots Wellness Solutions, a health start-up, based out of Bengaluru and Kochi, has now introduced itself to people of the nation. Vieroots is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and peak performance coach Dr. Sajeev Nair, where he leads the team of doctors, health researchers, geneticists, Ayurvedic doctors, dieticians and software engineers. Vieroots’ core products include EPLIMO, a unique AI-powered personalised wellness app and next-generation natural nutritional supplements.

The start-up is backed up by Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty, who has invested an undisclosed amount in this start-up, taking the valuation of Vieroots at Rs. 100 crore within months of its pilot launch. While most health start-ups are focused on delivering treatments and medicines, Vieroots is focused on scientific ways to help keep diseases at bay. Its primary service is to deliver its clients Personalised Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. While everyone knows that general lifestyle modifications like regular exercise, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition are beneficial, since these are not personalised in any way, their impact will be less than satisfactory.

Dr. Sajeev Nair, Founder and Chairman, Vieroots, says, “Research and studies show that we are all different by way of our genes, our gut microbiome constitution, our metabolic profile and more. Vieroots’ solution is to understand these individual differences so that personalised lifestyle modifications can be delivered to each client. Different diseases have different lifestyle triggers and by eliminating such triggers and replacing them with healthy lifestyle modifications specific for that susceptibility, Vieroots’ EPLIMO solution will enable people to take charge of their wellness better. Inputs from their metabolic profile help to fine-tune these lifestyle modifications further.”

Personalised health and nutrition is a buzzing field now, many supplement companies are now claiming to offer customised nutrition. But Vieroots’ EPLIMO solution is vastly different most such companies rely on just personal questionnaires which is not a scientific way to personalise things, whereas Vieroots is the only company in India now which delivers it based on the scientifically validated method of Genetic Susceptibility Test and Metabolic Profiling. It is very interesting to know how it works. Genes vary from person to person and it carries codes inherited from our parents and ancestors about chances to develop the common non-infectious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and stroke, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons disease etc. Vieroot’s Genetic Susceptibility Test called VieGenome can detect genetic susceptibilities for over 200 common health conditions.

Suniel Shetty said, “I have always been passionate about fitness and wellness and thus, was fascinated by Vieroots. I resonated with the core values of the brand and envisioned it to create a wave of change in the world. I am glad that I could put all my faith into this. It is great to be a part of something I truly believe in.”

The key differentiator in Vieroots’ solutions is customisation, and how the start-up achieves this is its unique strength. The service takes as its inputs the client’s Genetic Susceptibility Test and Metabolic Profile. Since these two datasets are complex and need to be assessed together, Artificial Intelligence is employed to analyse them and to come up with a detailed set of Personalised Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. These have been neatly implemented as an Artificial Intelligence-powered smartphone app, ‘EPLIMO‘, that is available for both iOS and Android devices. The user-friendly EPLIMO app also carries the highest level of data security, as it conforms to the stringent security norms of both iOS and Android for processing personal medical data.

Other products from Vieroots Wellness Solutions include a family of research-based and scientifically validated nutritional supplements across three domains – performance, longevity and mental wellness. While the Vieroots formulations are based on nutrients validated by modern medicine, most of the supplements are 100% naturally sourced from Ayurvedic herbs and vegan sources. Vieroots’ supplements include antioxidants, detoxifiers, gut-brain synergisers, prebiotics and metabolic balancers. Of these, its gut-brain synergisers, branded as thought biotics, is a truly unique offering in the market and targets the powerful Gut-Brain Axis (GBA) and Gut Microbiome which modern medical research has found out as playing most pivotal roles in ensuring wellness across most physiological and psychological processes.

About Vieroots

Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is led by Sajeev Nair as Chairman, Aditya Narayan as CEO, VP Sajeev as COO, and Dr. A Sreekumar as Medical Director. Vieroots Wellness Solutions with its unique products across tech-enabled lifestyle modifications and next-generation supplements has caught angel investors’ eyeballs, and Bollywood superstar, serial entrepreneur, and noted investor in the fitness sector.

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