Zuper COVID-19 Compliance Pack Helps Companies like IKEA Manage Safe Business Operations in the New Reality

Zuper, a platform for intelligent workforce management, today announced that it will be implementing its COVID-19 Compliance Pack (ZuperCCPack) at IKEA India, in order to help maintain the highest safety standards for their customers, co-workers and communities as the company returns to regular business operations.

With India beginning to reopen its economy, businesses are required to adhere to strict workflow protocols and policies to ensure safety, cleanliness and proper hygiene at the workplace. The ZuperCCPack is designed and developed to specifically address the needs of businesses resuming operations during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The company worked closely with various healthcare, industry and compliance experts, as well as aligned its guidelines with leading global public health institutes to build this super resilient startup pack.

Zuper’s technology-driven ZuperCCPack, enables IKEA India to take a proactive workflow approach to COVID-19 compliance and promote the highest level of safety as it resumes its assembly and installation services for its customers in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

“Our deep experience in workforce management enabled us to develop the most comprehensive compliance solution for businesses moving into a post-pandemic economy. The ZuperCCPack is specifically designed for users to take a proactive approach to COVID-19, which is a necessary component to efficiently operate in the new normal,” says Anand Subbaraj, Chief Executive Officer. “As an existing technology partner of IKEA India, we keenly understand the importance of this initiative for all parties involved. The safety and well-being of the company’s customers and coworkers is paramount as they resume their service business in a safe and compliant manner.”

The ZuperCCPack facilitates consumer centric companies to follow strict protocols including daily screenings of service co-workers for COVID-19 symptoms, ensuring the workers complete a detailed checklist prior to entering a customers home and initiating an after-visit checklist to ensure they dont carry germs from one place to another, among many other capabilities. The service co-workers can use their mobile devices to complete each test and their supervisors can easily monitor and manage the workforce to ensure compliance, using a command center powered by Zuper.

“The safety and wellbeing of our co-workers, customers and community remain our highest priority as we resume our assembly and installation services at customers’ homes,” said Santosh Sayari, Service Business Manager at IKEA Hyderabad. “During these unprecedented times, it is important we apply the best solutions available to efficiently manage and optimise our operations in order to provide the best customer experience possible. Zuper gave us the much-needed assurance to ensure all necessary and updated safety protocols and policies, in line with the latest public health guidelines & regulations.”

About Zuper

Zuper enables organizations with field service teams to better organize and provide the best possible customer experience through its intelligent workforce management platform. The company’s white-label application allows businesses to efficiently manage their operations and workforces from anywhere and dispatch the right person with the right information at the right time. With Zuper, businesses can let consumers easily book a service call on-demand from any device and location. The company also helps organizations maintain COVID-19 compliance and create a safe environment for employees, customers, and the community through its ZuperCCPack. Founded in 2016, Zuper is headquartered in Seattle and has offices in India and the Middle East.

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