3EA Funded ‘Woodka’ Launches its Studio at Surat

Getting plastic to disappear from our lives is quite a slow, painful process but with initiatives such as one taken by Woodka, brainchild of 3EA, is a promise to a plastic-free future. According to Ecological Impact and Sustainability report, a plastic bag is only used for an average of about 12 minutes but it takes up to thousands of years to completely decompose. Tableware made of plastic that are commonly used by us on various occasions, as a one-time usage item, are not only ecologically harmful but also take years to degrade, post we discard them.

About 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide since 1950. Each day, about 8 million pieces of plastic pollution end up in our oceans, due to which around 100,000 marine mammals, turtles and 1 million seabirds are killed by plastic pollution annually. The fact that over half of the World’s plastic are made in Asia is very alarming and detrimental for our future generations. Plastic Production is responsible for 5% of all the Global warming.

2nd Woodka Studio Launched at Surat

Woodka has been pivotal in launching awareness on environmental issues and ensure a plastic free world. In this endeavour, Woodka launched its first retail outlet, Woodka Studio, on October 18, 2020, at Lucknow and has now launched its second store at Surat, franchised by Disha Loliyana and Juhi Shah. It showcases organic and handcrafted products, highlighting the talent of local artisans and display a variety of eco-friendly decorative items, tableware, clothing, stationery items, frames and much more.

In the past, Woodka has also gained the support of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their sustainable efforts in providing premium biodegradable, plastic-free disposable tableware. Woodka has also collaborated with a lot of NGOs across different cities of India, which provide raw material for Woodka, thus empowering the communities associated with these NGOs and providing them with livelihood. Woodka is manufactured in fully automated factories which use patented machines and pre-decided factory layout design to optimise all the available resources in the best possible way. Each of the factory, provides employment to around 50 semi-skilled workers and works on their skill enhancement and improvement.

Woodka has a range of disposable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable wooden premium products, which are made out fallen thick tree sheaths, belonging to the Catechu Family, prominently grown in the Indian forests. Woodka products primarily include plates, bowls and other wooden items, which are safe for storing hot, wet and cold food items and can hold liquid items for at least four hours. Woodka is carefully processed and packaged using the best technological methodologies, to give an elegant and vintage feel. Made with the latest technology, Woodka is 100% natural and organic and safe for usage in microwave and refrigerator as well.

Woodka naturally degrades within sixty days and can conveniently return back to earth as manure, which is a wonderful fact about Woodka, worthy of all the attention it has received internationally. In this world of globalisation, it has become a priority concern for the welfare of the environment to prevent using as much plastic as one can. 3EA has also initiated the concept of Woodka Studio, which is dedicated towards showcasing of organic and handicraft products, prepared by local artisans. This is not only a step towards showcasing the talent of local artisans but also a motive of bringing human close to nature.

At Woodka Studio, we believe in providing environment friendly products which are made using the resources provided to us by nature optimally,” said, Mrs. Juhi Shah, “And the environment needs us now more than ever. It is our responsibility to make the most of this opportunity to provide an eco-friendly solution for a sustainable and plastic-free future. I think we are already on the right track because our passion has gained momentum and soon, we will be taking all of these innovations to an international platform. Woodka is truly a celebration of resources of nature and is also a perfect tableware for all the occasions. Woodka is not just an eco-friendly idea; it represents the future of disposable tableware.”

It is indeed a surprise that Woodka which was launched merely two years ago as a brainchild of 3EA Limited and as an initiative for providing sustainable and eco-friendly disposable tableware, has been introduced on all the popular e-commerce platforms. Woodka, follows the upcycling concept of ‘Waste to Wealth‘, by incorporating the usage of waste materials that are usually spurned out by nature. Woodka products are manufactured and designed for the lovers of authenticity and those who appreciate quality, all the while protecting the environment by being a healthy and harmless alternative to plastic. Through Woodka, 3EA has been pivotal to create a path leading to sustainable environment with the hope of enhancing, protecting, and respecting the essence that is rooted deeply in the heart of mother Earth.

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