5 Companies Redefining Success with #VocalForLocal Initiative

In the spirit of #VocalForLocal, a movement that resonates deeply in India, companies across the nation are actively championing local businesses.

Amid India’s growing emphasis on the #VocalForLocal movement, these companies shine brightly, demonstrating that expanding their global presence doesn’t mean compromising their local roots. They not only rejoice in the vibrant tapestry of Indian cultures but also play a pivotal role in nurturing and sustaining local businesses. These impactful campaigns go beyond fleeting trends, serving as a resounding reminder that championing homegrown art and artisans is a dynamic movement that not only captivates consumers within India but reverberates globally.

Today, lets turn our focus to five companies that have wholeheartedly embraced the #VocalForLocal ethos in India, seamlessly integrating it into their campaigns with authenticity and impact.

5 Companies Redefining Success with #VocalForLocal Initiative


Local Merchant Partnerships: MobiKwik, prominent player in the Indian fintech space, has collaborated with local merchants to promote digital payments. Mobikwik is one of the truly Indian payments platforms that is made by Indians, for indians. Their initiatives often focus on supporting local businesses and driving financial inclusion, aligning with the #VocalforLocal campaign.

MobiKwik’s strong focus on financial inclusion and commitment to serving traditionally underserved markets, such as tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, rural areas, and lower-income brackets, sets them apart from its competitors. At MobiKwik, the digital payment services have been used in 19,103 pin codes out of 19,253 in India, covering 99.2% of Indias PIN codes.


Local Initiatives: Paytm, one of Indias leading fintech companies, has been active in promoting local businesses through its platform. They have supported various local campaigns, encouraging users to shop from nearby stores and promoting local merchants.

Paytm actively supports the “Vocal for Local” initiative and brings half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy by providing accessible payment services. As a market leader in offline payments, Paytm deploys 4.5 million devices, aiming to simplify business operations for small merchants. Their innovative digital payment solutions contribute significantly to small- and medium-sized businesses, aligning with the national sentiment to support indigenous or made in India products.


Championing MSMEs: Protium takes center stage in the #VocalForLocal movement, advocating for and supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The campaign reflects their dedication to empowering small businesses, addressing the challenges they face in a competitive market, especially during festive season.

Protium is guided by a strong moral compass to support small businesses, which often grapple with the challenges posed by intense competition and the allure of more expensive alternatives.

Protium reaffirmed its commitment to the #VocalForLocal campaign, carrying forward the spirit that has ignited positive change over the past years. The campaigns essence revolved around the idea of encouraging individuals to embrace and support local businesses, with a special focus on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the backbone of our nations economy.

This resounding success of the campaign underscored Protiums commitment to the #VocalForLocal principles, emphasizing that collective efforts truly empower small businesses and fortify our local economy.


Boost for Local Merchants: PhonePe, a popular digital payments platform, has been actively involved in initiatives to support local businesses. They have introduced multiple MSMEs businesses on their platform to raise the voice of locals.

PhonePe has launched initiatives to bring digital payments to 25 million small merchants in semi-urban and rural areas. These include enabling digital payments for Kirana stores, introducing a PhonePe for Business app, providing personalized store pages, and enhancing customer-merchant interaction through the PhonePe app. The company has also deployed a merchant acquisition team to reach 5,500 talukas and create 10,000 jobs in these areas.

Also, there are many campaigns that timely encourage users to transact with local merchants, contributing to the #VocalforLocal movement.


Empowering Small Businesses: Razorpay, a fintech company specializing in payment solutions, has shown support for local businesses through various initiatives. They have provided tools and technologies that empower small businesses, aligning with the ethos of the #VocalforLocal movement.

Razorpay is actively supporting the Indian governments “Vocal for Local” campaign by relocating its US-based parent entity to India. The step best aligns with the governments efforts to encourage local fintech companies and startups to relocate to Finance Tec Services Centres in India.

Razorpays decision to consider a listing in India post-relocation further emphasizes its commitment to the local market. The company is also actively participating in government initiatives like ONDC, which promotes indigenous digital solutions and fosters self-reliance in the digital economy.

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