Huawei Unveils the New EMUI 11.0 to Enhance User Interface

The user interface of a smartphone plays an instrumental role in defining the whole experience of using a device. Apart from the build quality and the processor speed, it is the user interface which makes operating a phone intuitive.

With the EMUI 11.0, Huawei has set a new benchmark in delivering exceptional experiences to customers. Based on the concept of an all-scenario experience and distributed capabilities, EMUI 11 delivers an enhanced cross-device user experience.

The updated Multi-Screen Collaboration allows three phone Windows open on a notebook at once. On top of the upgraded cross-device experience, Smart Gesture Control has been updated, adding left and right air swipes and other gestures to answer calls, control screen brightness, etc.

In terms of performance, the EMUI system has also been significantly improved in terms of long-term stability, achieving 36 months of consistent smooth performance.

In the UX design, EMUI 11 not only comes with more artistic themes and customisable Always-On Display (AOD) designs, but also features a brand-new visual, acoustic and tactile experience through dynamic effects, designed through human factors-based research across nearly 100 user scenarios.

With the help of distributed technology, EMUI 11 further breaks down the hardware restrictions of single devices and also uses software to define the new device form factors. By connecting users and devices across different scenarios, EMUI 11 creates a distinctly new user experience that no single device or an app can offer at one go, thereby, enabling more all-scenario, smart experiences for the future.

Other than these, the following are the leading reasons why Huawei 11.0 is among the best user interface around.

  1. UX Design: A unique artistic experience enabled by technology. EMUI 11 is designed from an artistic concept and exudes a feeling of art to users. Based on human factors and research, EMUI 11.0 delivers a more intuitive and interactive experience for users. Furthermore, in the most popular user scenario, EMUI 11.0 streamlines immersive features to improve efficiency among users.

  2. User-friendly, innovative interactions for improved efficiency: EMUI 11.0 introduced Smart Multi-Window, an interactive experience using the Edge Panel, Flowing Windows and Multi-Window, enabling users to quickly respond to messages without interrupting their activity. The Multi-Window feature supports multiple Floating Windows at the same time. App Bubble feature also enables users to minimise floating windows to either side of the screen and open or close quickly to switch between apps.

  3. Huawei protects your privacy and security with innovative technology: The protection of users’ security and privacy are Huawei’s highest priority. We adhere to our privacy policy of “no disturb, no track, no exposure” throughout the entire design process and lifecycle of our products. We provide reliable and secure encryption technology to protect your private data from disclosure, while ensuring minimum interruption or intrusion.

  4. Limit Ad Tracking: As we use smart devices so frequently, the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, which means that our interests and preferences can be synced to our digital devices. As a result, we are constantly targeted with ads, which are precisely as per our preferences. To protect users’ privacy and to keep advertisers from tracking their searches, Huawei offers a Limit Ad Tracking function which, once enabled, prevents advertisers from accessing your data identifiers.

  5. Share the enjoyment while keeping your data private (OTA update is required): We have all become more and more accustomed to documenting our lives through photography, but our cameras now save not only the beauty of a cherished moment but the exact location in which it took place. This means that when we share photos with friends, we might inadvertently be sharing a stash of sensitive information as well. With EMUI 11, Huawei has introduced a new privacy protection feature for photo sharing, giving you the option to wipe your photos under any location, time or device details related to the moment the image was captured. This means ultimately prevents you from sharing any of your personal data.

  6. Hide notifications when screen casting: EMUI 11.0 closely monitors the privacy of users, during screen-casting. Huawei’s private casting feature, makes sure messages, calls and other notifications are only displayed on the phone. Further, with this, screen projection will not be affected when the smartphone receives calls, ensuring uninterrupted viewing.

  7. Smart Gesture Control: EMUI 11.0 Smart Gesture Control builds upon Gesture Control features, which was first introduced on EMUI 10. Through the gesture sensors, users can perform a variety of function on-screen without having to touch the device, creating a brand; new way to interact with your device. The smart gesture control enables user to hover their palm over the display to wake up the screen; to gesture up, down, left and right to navigate with ease; to use press gesture for answering calls; to use gesture for audio controls, such as pausing the music by press gesture or increasing and decreasing volume by gesturing up or downwards respectively.

  8. All-scenario distributed capabilities: EMUI 11.0 supports a three-in-one smartphone capability through multiscreen collaboration between smartphone and PC. It breaks down the hardware barriers between workplace devices through distributed technology, allowing users to easily work across multiple screens. Bringing together the user’s devices in one place allowing tasks to flow naturally across different devices for a consistently controlled experience and a boosted productivity.

  9. Smartphone and PC collaboration: Multiscreen Collaboration on EMUI 11.0 further enhances user convenience and interactive multi-window on mobile phones, that can be extended to Windows PCs, wherein users can open three mobile app interfaces at the same time. For instance, you can watch videos from one interface, take notes in another and chat with friends or colleagues in the third.

  10. Easy casting and collaboration between your smartphone and a large screen: Users can easily cast their smartphone screen to a larger screen by tapping the casting button from the phone, or by tapping the phone against the sensing area on their Huawei laptop.

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