Medical Entrance Coaching for NEET and AIIMS by IIB is now Available Online

Indian Institute of Biology (IIB) is a pioneer educational institute of Maharashtra. It is regarded as one of the best institutes for medical coaching in Maharashtra. Since 1999, IIB has been helping the students to clear medical entrance exam and fulfill their dreams. Here, students are taught by professionals who have more than 15 years teaching experience. Till date, the institute has been successful in shaping the career of over 15,000 medical spirants. IIB is renowned for its unique learning methodology, which emphasize on teaching the students in such a manner that they can learn more in less amount of time, and retain the classroom concepts for longer durations. Furthermore, IIB believes in imparting ‘learning for lifetime’ to its students. The faculty members teach the students by maintaining a friendly environment so that learning is fun and without any apprehension.

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IIB gives preference to merit over anything else. That is why it runs a proram IIB Fast to impart NEET/AIIMS coaching to talented students irrespective of their economical backround. IIB Fast program aims at providing free coaching to around 1000 students each year. These include economically backward students, children of farmers, children whose parents committed suicide owing to debts, and those students whose families were affected by droughts.

IIB Online Classes

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Till now, IIB was preparing the medical aspirants through its campuses located in Nanded and Latur. So, their learnings were only accessible to the students of Maharashtra. However, the institute has gained popularity all over the country and attracted the interests of many medical aspirants. To serve aspirants throughout the country and owing to current situation of education during pandemic, IIB made this decision to offer the courses online.

On the occasion, IIB’s Director Dashrath Patil said, “IIB was incepted as a small coaching institute in 1999 to train the students of nearby area. Our founder wanted to share his knowledge and his experience with the students. This idea germinated the seed of IIB. Over the time, our unique and simplest learning methodologies, and our impressive track record, allowed us to gain popularity among the students. We became popular in our area and then in whole Maharashtra. Today, IIB is a national brand. We have our brick-and-mortar learning academy located in Nanded and Latur, where we receive huge influx of students. Apart from the locals, there are many students who travel long distances to receive coaching from us. Furthermore, many aspirants all across India wish to learn from us. That is why we decided to offer online classes to make best-in-class NEET/AIIMS coaching accessible to everyone. IIB Digital is a digital version of IIB where we’ll train medical aspirants through online resources. We are happy to embark this revolution and we are looking forward to shape the career of thousands of students.

With IIB Digital, students will be able to receive online training directly from the experts. They can interact with the experts and even put forth their doubts. The platform will also have e-books, notes, explanatory videos and other learning resources to allow aspirants to learn effectively. Furthermore, NEET/AIIMS test series will also be accessible to the students so that they can test their exams preparations and revise properly after completing the syllabus. The students would be able to study according to their schedule and access top-notch learning materials prepared by the experts. So, now even NEET/AIIMS aspirants can study at home.

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