Neuherbs Expands its Portfolio in Sanitation Category, Launches Sub-brand Neusafe

Global Healthfit Retail India carrying the largest selections of high-quality nutritional products in India and announced the launch of its newest sanitary product line Neusafe. The brand is introduced under a campaign called #SaafRho #SafeRaho with a range of on-the-go 360 degree hygiene products. All the products in this segment are pocket and skin-friendly as well as easy to use.

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Since its inception, Neuherbs has always been a ‘vocal for local brand and has taken care of its manufacturing and designing in India itself. As per the guidelines of Ayush Ministry with regards to COVID-19, everybody has to have his/her discretion in selecting medicines based on the stage of the disease, symptom complex, and availability of the drugs in their locality. Use of mask, Hand sanitization, social/physical distancing to break the chain, healthy nutritious diet, measures for improving immunity, and all the other general health care precautions which are key takeaways for COVID-19 prevention. Keeping this in mind, Neuherbs is working day and night to provide the range of products that suits at these times.

Neusafe Sanitizer

The product range offered by Neusafe includes Sanitizers, Hand Sanitizer, Multipurpose Liquid Disinfectant with a spray bottle, Multipurpose Spray Sanitizer, Hand Wash Hygiene, Intimate Hygiene Men, Intimate Hygiene women, Pocket Sanitizer, Bath disinfectants (Shower Gel). The cost of the products starts at Rs. 25 and goes up to Rs. 1000. Talking about safety measures while buying products, Neusafe is also doing contactless delivery from its e-commerce platform. Furthermore, all the products are available offline and online; on all the eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal, etcetera.

The massive and unexpected rise in products for COVID-19 protection gear is being manufactured extensively by companies across sectors due to which there is a lack of guidelines’ follow up that puts human health at risk. Mr. Atul Tyagi, Founder, Neuherbs says that, “Coronavirus period has taught us the true sense of round the clock nutrition and hygiene. Not only this, there are several infections which are out there to infect us, to make us ill. Earlier, even though we used to wash our hands and eat healthily, the current situation has made us more conscious about our overall health. Its Neuherbs motto to live pure and healthy each day, every day. Its essential to boost our immunity to not only fight Coronavirus but improvise our basic hygiene throughout the day. It is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind. We diligently work on our motto to provide our consumers with the best. Health isnt just a state; its a lifestyle for us.

There is need for 360-degree protection from all kinds of germs and as per the guidelines by the World Health Organisation. Considering the same, Neusafe contains WHO prescribed isopropyl alcohol content which can battle with germs at any point in time. Hence, it is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to keep yourself clean & safe. As Neuherbs our first priority is to keep and maintain a safe & germs free environment in our daily routine. This is why we have innovated Neusafe Instant Germ Protection products line which consists of pure ingredients and completely safe to use in everyday life.

About Neuherbs

Neuherbs was established in 2016 with a goal to promote a healthy lifestyle; the company comes under Global Health Fit Retail India LTD. LLP. The brand today has established itself as one of the most renowned producers of herbal and natural products in India. They have introduced themselves into the hygiene category also which is Neusafe. Neuherbs believes in the motto that without maintaining proper hygiene of our surroundings; it is difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle. As the brand itself is working on the vision of educating people about health and nutrition, inspiring them to live a healthy life and helping them to start their journeys through better health.

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