Food Safety and Traceability: AgTech India’s New Focus

Food Safety and Traceability AgTech India’s New Focus

Food Safety and Food Traceability: AgTech India’s New Focus. With traditional agriculture in India making a historic shift to next-gen technology like farm automation, Artificial Intelligence, GIS mapping, satellite imagery and big data analytics, the preference for ERP solutions is on a rise owing to the complete visibility of data and product life cycle across the entire supply chain from producer to consumer for agriculture-based businesses.

Agri Tech platforms like FarmERP have worked with companies in the past to source fresh produce directly from the farmers to the consumers an entirely digital supply chain to map all the operations. By providing the farm operators with an end to end digital and easy to use solution that covers the entire gamut of operations right from raw materials, to plantation, to harvesting, crop scheduling, scouting, processing, up until it goes for packaging and sales; ERP platforms are the future of food safety.

Food Traceability is vital to the food supply chain in order to keep a tab on the hygienic production and distribution. Traceability refers to the functions that trace the flow of foods throughout the production, processing and distribution stages. Traceability helps to locate a product at any stage within the supply chain, because of which it becomes imperative for producers to have integrated systems in order to ensure effective control of the operations to avoid any form of contamination.

Lack of visibility in sales and production cycles have been one of the major loopholes in the Fresh fruits and vegetable production industry. Mismanaged inventories result in failure to meet the ever-growing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. This has propelled the sector to make a tectonic shift from manual supervision to digital farm management platforms like Farm ERP to manage inventories, reduce losses associated with spoilage and work on sales forecasting, procurement strategies & ensuring food traceability & safety through a digital supply chain.

FarmERP is one of the most trusted ERP software solutions implemented by global leaders in the fresh fruit & vegetable industry. It offers high levels of technological support and features that can simply curb shelf-life and inventory-related losses, which boosting profits in fresh produce businesses.

Farm ERP enables to provide traceable fresh produce to its clients & their customers through its agriculture management software with transformative technologies such as blockchain, AI, ML, GIS, etc. This gives consumers the transparency of backtracking and understanding the route of their food from farm to fork.

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