Nine Cool Features that Make Rokid Max AR Glasses: Your Intelligent Companion for a Futuristic Lifestyle

Rokid, a renowned name in the world of Assisted Reality (AR), recently launched the Rokid AR Joy pack in India. The pack consists of Rokid Max smart glasses and a Rokid Station and is currently creating a huge buzz in India.

Rokid AR Joy – Rokid Max and Rokid Station

Below are nine cool features that make Rokid Max AR Glasses that will be your intelligent companion for a futuristic lifestyle

An Experience Only For Your Eyes
The Rokid AR Max and Rokid Station will give you a personalized big screen, an experience tailored exclusively for your eyes, ensuring privacy without inconveniencing others and eliminating the need to glance at your phone or search for a television screen or the remote.

Featherweight Marvel

At a mere 75g, the Rokid Max AR glasses redefine comfort and wearability, combining AR technology into users daily lives without the weight of bulky hardware.

Seamless Pocket-to-Display Entertainment

With built-in controls, the Rokid Station heralds a pocket-friendly era of entertainment. It lets users easily access their AR glasses without sacrificing mobility, making it a game-changer in the Android TV box realm. It’s equipped with Sony micro-LED screens that can project visuals equivalent to a massive 215-inch screen located 10 feet away for an immersive experience.

Dual-Functionality: Smartphone Charging and More

Much more advanced than an Android TV Box. It streams apps including Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and YouTube also become accessible. The Rokid Station is a functional powerhouse with a 5,000mAh standalone battery, it ensures five hours of continuous usage and doubles as a smartphone charger through its USB-C port, offering unparalleled convenience in tech products. The 32GB of internal storage facilitates media streaming and a micro-HDMI display port allows easy connectivity to the Rokid Max.

Intelligent Personalized Assistance

The Rokid Max AR glasses are integrated with Google Assistant, offering intelligent and personalized assistance through voice commands. These AR glasses expand into a smart companion with a hands-free feature that responds to your needs in real time.

Augmented Reality Social Sharing

The Rokid Max AR Glasses offer social sharing of augmented reality experiences with followers. Users can share gaming, virtual travel, and creative content even more easily, making Rokid Max a catalyst for social engagement.

Rokid AR Joy (Rokid Max + Rokid Station)

Adaptive Reality Filters for Enhanced Visuals

The Rokid Max AR Glasses also boasts adaptive reality filters optimizing visuals based on surroundings, ensuring an impressive display indoors, outdoors, or in low-light conditions.

Real-Time Language Translation

The glasses enable real-time language translation, offering the latest AI for simplified multilingual communication, making it an ideal companion for travel, business meetings, and other language backgrounds.

Health and Wellness Monitoring

The Rokid Max glasses incorporate health monitoring sensors for real-time tracking of vital signs like heart rate, stress levels, and posture, embracing a broader well-being approach.

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