Solid Wood Floors the Safest Option for Safe and Virus Free Indoors, Assures Danish Major, Juncker

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Europe’s leading manufacturer of premium solid wood flooring – Junckers commends the virus resilient properties of wooden floorings to reduce the transmission of the deadly disease. Pandemic on such a scale has never been witnessed before and due to lack of preventive drugs and cure, people are taking all preventive measures. It is also vital to note that flooring also plays a key role in the widespread of the infection. Rugs or carpet floorings can entrap virus and bacteria which can be transmitted easily. Whereas, due to wax and lacquer polishing, wooden flooring easily resists the build-up of harmful virus and bacteria on the surface and can be easily disinfected on a regular basis.


Why Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are associated with elegance richness, style and an old-fashioned warmth. Yet people tend to prefer carpets, tiles or mosaic flooring over hard-wood reason being budget consciousness. Wooden flooring cost fairly more than other flooring options based on its richness and quality. It has many pros to counterbalance its rather few cons. Wooden floorings not only appear to be luxurious and classic looking but are way more durable. It is easier to see & clean dirt whereas, Carpet floor in the bedroom can especially be problematic because it exposes you to carpet dust and due to porous quality of carpets, chances of causing allergies and entrapping viruses are relatively high. Unlike other flooring options made from petroleum, wooden flooring is natural, sustainable and environment friendly.

Quality and premium expertise

The process of adding warmth and comfort of your own to an infrastructure is a task at hand which takes a series of personalized touches like wall colour, furniture, curtain, to name a few. Meanwhile, in case of flooring, having Junckers as a professional partner, proper technical service assuring highest quality is ensured before, during and after the project adding elegance and homeliness at ease. Focusing on individual customer requirements, advice and guidance is provided from Junckers professional team with particular expertise. Due to the timeless appearance of wooden floorings, they never go out of style and a neutral making it easier to decorate the premise with any colour or style without disturbing or clashing elements. With wood being a living material, the flooring material might slightly change with the seasons, high humidity may cause the floor to expand meanwhile they will contract during winters and dryer seasons causing natural gaps between the same. However, to assist the phenomenon, applying Juncker’s ship’s decking system, the neoprene strips between the wooden board will absorb the movements to make the floor look the same throughout the year making it appear harmonious and robust. Junckers also specialize in Underfloor heating to provide warm and mellow feeling. Underfloor heating is an economical, luxurious and very elegant solution without visible pipes and heaters. It works to perfection under Junckers solid hardwood floors.

Maintaining Junckers wooden flooring

Due to high quality and professional finish, a Junckers floor is easy to clean and maintain. Sweeping or vacuum cleaning the floor will get rid of most dust and dirt as well as the Viruses which may get inside the house. Thanks to the strong wax polish on the surface which does not allow any viruses or bacteria to stick or accumulate on the Floor. To clean a stained floor, damp cleaning usually does the trick. The Junckers Woodcare system includes a complete range of products designed to nourish, treat and maintain the wood while you clean. If maintained well, one can notice floors growing more beautiful over time. Desired surface quality and look can be created using Junckers professional oils and lacquers. Junckers oil and lacquers are water based making it easy to use providing a professional and durable finish

The USP’s of Junckers Floors

According to Suresh Kumar Mansukhani – Country Head and Director of Junckers Floors in India and the Sub-Continent:

Junckers works well during all the four seasons i.e during monsoon, summer, autumn and winter. The expansion and contraction are well contained due to the moisture level which is ideally controlled between 8%-12% in the wood.

Further with the Clip system of installation the smoothness and straightness of the floor is maintained. The curvature in the clips also takes care of any expansion or contraction which may take place due to uneven weather conditions.

Due to the wax and lacquer polish on the surface accumulation of Dirt, grime dust, as well as bacteria and viruses, are kept away thus making the product safe, clean and hygienic to use.

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