Sustainable Fashion Advocate Aditi Mayer from India Wins TRT World Citizen Youth Award

“TRT World Citizen Awards,” which is among TRTs most significant social responsibility initiatives and was launched in 2017 with the principle of “Inspiring Positive Change,” found its recipients at the ceremony held last night. Awarded in five different categories to individuals who have made significant contributions to their societies on a global scale, the “TRT World Citizen Awards” contribute to sharing the stories of these individuals with the world and inspiring positive change. The award ceremony, hosted by General Director of TRT Mehmet Zahid Sobacı in Istanbul, was attended by prominent figures from various fields, including Presidencys Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun, Istanbul Governor Davut Gl, TRT management, politicians, NGO leaders, as well as notable figures from the fields of culture, arts, media, and academia.

Sustainable Fashion Advocate Aditi Mayer from India Wins TRT World Citizen Youth Award

“The primary goal of TRT World Citizen is to contribute to the search for solutions to the global challenges we face.”
Altun, speaking at the TRT World Citizen Awards ceremony, stated that TRTs project is a benevolent movement based on the belief that each individual is an honorable being and emphasizes the ability of every individual to create change. Altun expressed, “We aspire to make our lives an ongoing story of progress by inspiring change. One of the significant goals of the TRT World Citizen initiative, which has brought us together today, is to earnestly contribute to addressing the search for solutions to the problems we face on a global scale.”

“TRT World Citizen is a platform that rewards those who open fronts of goodness on behalf of humanity.”
Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, Director General of TRT, speaking at the ceremony, stated that TRT World Citizen is a platform that rewards those who exhibit the will to replace helplessness with opportunity, discredit with reputation, and injustice with justice, opening fronts of goodness on behalf of humanity. Sobacı noted that the balance of humanity is currently in severe upheaval, with one side featuring those who demonstrate their will for fairness and justice and the other side consisting of those who legitimize everything for their own interests.

“World Citizen of the Year” award was presented by Director of Communications Altun.
Presidencys Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun presented the award to Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah from Lebanon, who was honored in the “World Citizen of the Year” category. The award for Jos Andrs from Spain, winner in the “Lifetime Achievement” category, was presented to Ece Edil Akman. In the “Youth” category, Aditi Mayer from India received The Youth Award for being the voice of the sustainable fashion movement, which strives to expose the exploitation of textile workers and raise awareness against colonialism based on the exploitation of labor and the natural environment.

In the “Educator” category, Nelly Cheboi from Kenya; and in the “Communicator” category, Motaz Azaiza from Palestine received their awards from protocol members. Short films depicting the lives of the award recipients were also shown during the program.

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