TIGC Launches Signature ‘Heritage’ Collection: A Timeless Tribute to India’s Rich Legacy

The Indian Garage Company (TIGC), Indias leading D2C fast-fashion brand, has unveiled a signature heritage collection called ‘Elegance Redefined’ skillfully intertwining the cultural elegance and significance of India into the fabric of fashion.

TIGC signature Heritage collection

Harmonising contemporary flair with the opulence of Indian heritage, TIGC has crafted an exceptional and alluring collection. This assortment seamlessly weaves traditional paisleys, intricate block prints, and captivating mosaic patterns into styles perfectly tailored to resonate with the preferences of the Gen Z demographic.

Comprising 70 signature styles, the collection draws inspiration from the architectural marvels of Hawa Mahal in Rajasthan and the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. The finely latticed windows of Hawa Mahal and the mosaic tile patterns of the Taj Mahal inspire intricate designs that imbue the collection with a sense of grandeur and timeless beauty.

Commenting on the brands future outlook, Anant Tanted,Founder & CEO of The Indian Garage Company, expressed, “The Indian Heritage Collection seamlessly aligns with our brands vision of nurturing cultural diversity alongside contemporary fashion. Our steadfast commitment to cultural richness and innovation underscores our dedication to evolving and leading in the realm of fast fashion for mens apparel. We anticipate increased customer engagement and a broader consumer base, with market expectations centred on positively impacting overall revenue and enhancing brand recognition.”

Speaking on the exclusivity of the collection, Pinky Rai, Team Lead Design, said, “Each piece in the collection reflects our deep connection to heritage, presented in a way that matches modern styles. Leveraging digital printing technology, we have intricately incorporated cultural elements, breathing new life and visual charm into traditional designs. For the design team, creativity is more than an artistic pursuit; its a strategic conduit linking consumer preferences with profitability. The Heritage collection stands as a testament to this aspect.”

The collection is exclusively available on the TIGC Website & Myntra. The collection can be purchased at discounted rates, starting from Rs 500 onwards.

About The Indian Garage Co.

Established in 2012 by Anant Tanted, The Indian Garage Company has grown into a 300-crore enterprise with a rapid growth trajectory and is targeting 1500 Cr GMV in the next five years. Operating under the House of Brands format, the company boasts two brands under its umbrella: TIGC (Menswear) and FreeHand (Womenswear).

As a company focused on Gen Z consumers, The Indian Garage Co. has evolved into a tech-enabled, digital-first firm, promising its customers access to global fashion trends at an unprecedented pace. Due to the growing acceptance and popularity of TIGC products, the company intends to diversify its offerings and introduce additional categories under its umbrella.

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