Transform Your Career Trajectory: Unlock Creativity and 10x Your Ideas with ‘Ideas on Demand’

Ideas on Demand, the groundbreaking book by Miliind Harrdas, offers a transformative journey into the world of creativity, promising readers a crash course in creativity that rewires the brain, conquers creativity blocks, and unlocks the power of innovative thinking. Originally launched as an Amazon Kindle book, Ideas on Demand quickly soared to bestseller status in India, The United States, The UK, Canada and Australia. Due to its immense success, Penguin Random House has recently published the paperback version in India.

Miliind Harrdas, Author of Ideas on Demand

“Creating ideas and innovation just can’t come into existence as long as assumptions exist,” asserts Miliind Harrdas, the author behind the transformative book, “Ideas on Demand“. Drawing from twenty-four years of rich learning and experience in the field of creativity, Harrdas unveils a comprehensive guide designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds. “Ideas on Demand” underscores practical techniques and thought-provoking strategies, offering readers the keys to tap into their creative genius and revolutionize their approach to innovation. This book is not just a guide; it is a practical toolkit for anyone seeking to unleash their creative potential and elevate their innovative capabilities.

At the core of “Ideas on Demand” lies a comprehensive approach to creativity, addressing six major creativity blocks and providing tangible solutions to overcome them. The book serves as a transformative journey, guiding readers from novice stages to mastery in creativity. Harrdas introduces precise techniques employed by creative visionaries, encouraging readers to challenge assumptions, embrace constraints, and ultimately 10x their ideas. The inclusion of practical exercises at the end of each chapter facilitates the internalization of newfound creative skills.

Catherine Franz, a reader of “Ideas on Demand”, from the United States enthusiastically shares, “If I could give this book more stars, I would. In the last few years, there have only been three books that have changed my thinking (my life) and this is one of them. I am a creative person. But now, wow! I wasnt thinking of purchasing another book on creativity but this one stood out. I think it was the 10x your ideas wording. It wasnt the title. I read on my eReader and printed out 25 pages of highlights (and I was being careful). I know I need to return and re-read it a second time. Maybe more. I want this to sink in fully, and I dont want to miss a thing. Havent checked for a printed version. If I find one on Amazon, Im getting that one. Me and my highlighters will have a ball (again).”

D Steeves from Canada lauds the book, terming it as a comprehensive guide to generating ideas. GSK from India hails this book as a powerful resource offering practical techniques for generating ideas on demand. The well-structured step-by-step approach is noted for its effectiveness, empowering even beginners to tap into their unlimited creative potential and 10x their impact. GSK recommends this book as a valuable guide to enhance creative thinking.

In the words of Miliind Harrdas, Author of “Ideas on Demand,” “If you continue to connect the same dots that others are connecting, you will get the same run-of-the-mill ideas others are getting.” This profound insight encapsulates the essence of the book, urging readers to break free from conventional thinking and embark on a transformative journey towards creative brilliance. “Ideas on Demand” stands as a beacon for those seeking to revolutionize their approach to innovation and unlock the door to extraordinary ideas.

About Ideas on Demand

“Ideas on Demand” by Miliind Harrdas is more than a book; its a transformative guide reshaping the landscape of creativity. With international acclaim as an Amazon Kindle bestseller and subsequent publication in paperback by Penguin Random House, Harrdass work has become a cornerstone for individuals seeking to unlock their creative potential and redefine their approach to innovation.

About Miliind Harrdas

Miliind Harrdas is an expert in creativity, with over twenty-four years of experience in the field. His journey from a sales manager to a creative idea person has culminated in the creation of Ideas on Demand, a transformative guide to rewiring the brain for innovation.

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