Unique Design Concept of HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

As with all Huawei products, the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro is a product of ground-breaking superlative technological innovation. Since inception, Huawei had continuously seeked to push beyond what technology has to offer to bring the latest and the greatest to the hands of consumers, in sync with their unique needs, demands and aspirations. From the Matrix Camera system to the Halo Ring design, the HUAWEI Mate Series has introduced many iconic designs, each adding to the Mate DNA to form the reliable and premium Mate brand that consumers have come to trust today.

Every single generation of the HUAWEI Mate Series exemplifies newer pinnacle of technological discovery. Every new entry marks a new milestone in the never-ending journey of technological advancement. In the eight years since it was first launched, the Mate Series has seen ten generations, each an undoubted classic in its own right.

Aligning with this robust commitment, the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro inherits the Mate Series’ DNA, building on HUAWEI Mate 30 Series’ distinct Halo Ring Design to introduce an all new Space Ring Design that represents the next evolution of smartphone technology. The visually striking and futuristic Space Ring Design represents the fearless and unwavering attitude of exploring the unknown and the future. The immaculate symmetrical and balanced design accentuates the smartphone’s radiant demeanour. As the best of the best, HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro incorporates Kirin 9000, the world’s first 5nm 5G SoC; Ultra Vision Cine Camera technology; iconic and conspicuous technological beauty; and a smarter, user-friendly and more attentive interactive experience to bestow the Seamless AI Life with limitless possibilities.

Key Design Aspects

In congruence with the HUAWEI Mate Series’ focus on symmetrical designs, the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro has an iconic Space Ring Design that is reminiscent of interstellar portals in sci-fi films – opening endless possibilities of futuristic beauty.

The Mate 40 Pro also boasts of a superlative user-device interface – the all-scenario experience breaks hardware boundaries. Through virtualising hardware, modularising software and introducing a customisable UI, it is easier than ever to link up various Huawei devices to use together. The security features in place ensure that only users with the right authorisation are allowed access to data, providing comprehensive protection to users.

The HUAWEI Mate Series never stops when it comes to transcending boundaries between technology and design. And, for the latest HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, Huawei brings together cutting edge innovations and integrates everything in a masterpiece representing the intersection of art and technology and a massive leap forward in that.

The Mate 40 Pro is a unique amalgamation of artistic industrial design coupled with cutting-edge technology. Technology lies at the core of everything Huawei does, and design is the channel through which it delivers the ultimate experience to consumers. Huawei strives for a design that accentuates technological excellence. Every generation of the HUAWEI Mate Series represents a combination of Huawei’s finest technologies, aesthetic designs and tenacity to bring a technological work of art to life. The HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro inherits the HUAWEI Mate Series’ characteristic style with its vivacious Space Ring Design, which looks simultaneously alien and natural in a smartphone design context.

The more premium, captivating and classic a design is, the plainer the colour it usually takes on. The HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro embodies the colours that nature takes on during different times of the day. The profound Black and pristine White are reminiscent of how day changes into night, each bringing its own surprises. Mystic Silver interplays with light and shadows to bring a new dimension to what a colour can mean to be. Mystic Silver’s matte finish gives the device an intimate yet lively texture. Achieved with several layers of optical coating underneath the matte glass, the dazzling effect alludes to a sense of mysteriousness redolent of the stars from far, far away. A film with a metallic texture is added to bottom of the coating to bestow the device with a high-tech aesthetic. The HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro is also available in Yellow and Green, two vegan leather variants. The elegantly soft vegan leather complements the champagne gold mid-frame to produce a striking look. Each letter of the HUAWEI branding embossed onto the vegan leatherback is exquisitely distinct. And, at the centre of the rear camera sits a special circular glass emblem, which is polished with a special process for a nacre-like texture that exudes class and elegance.

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